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دانشجویان تحت راهنمایی
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2- Sahand Amiri, "Investigation of different membrane configurations for natural gas sweetening process using computational fluid dynamics".
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9- Yousef Mousavi, "CFD Simulation of SO Absorption from Flue Gases in Rotating Packed Bed".
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12- Saman Mohammadi, "CFD Simulation of Flow in Two-phase Separators".
Erfan Noori, “Numerical Simulation and Comparison of Thermal and Hydrodynamics Performance of Nanodiamond-Nickel/Water Hybrid Nanofluids in Smooth and Wavy tubes”.
14- Hossein Shiri, “
Simulation of Effect of Design Parameters on the Performance of Venturi Scrubbers using Computational Fluid Dynamics”.

15- Mahdi Pour Aman Hir, “Numerical Simulation and Improvement of Cooling Towers Performance Using Nanofluids by Computational Fluid Dynamics”.
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