Professor Dr. Goudarz Sadeghi Hashjin whose detailed CV appears below has been an outstanding faculty member and an influential executive authority during his career. His success stories, specifically during the period he was the chancellor of Urmia University, are heard frequently from his colleagues and the staff of Urmia University. He has developed a broad view of university mission and the unique synergistic power of university dynamics in shaping the overall form and orientation of the society, and zealously acts accordingly. Since he has started his chancellorship here in UMA, he has managed to inject a fresh momentum into the university’s already fast-fledging spirit.

He has been and is a lively citizen in general and he firmly believes in employing (and employs) all possible media in educating the youth in the route to make the world a better place to live for all. Raising responsible citizens through promoting liveliness, entrepreneurship, dynamicity and spirituality tops his agenda here in UMA.



Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: 1 November 2014

Date and Place of Birth: 1 July 1963, Khalkhal, Iran


Academic Degrees:

1. DVM (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Urmia University, Iran, 1983-1989)

2. PhD in Pharmacology (Faculty of Pharmacy, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, 1992-1996)


Current Positions:

1. Chancellor, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran.

2. Assoc Professor of Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran, Iran.

3. CEO, Omid Iranian R&D Inc, University of Tehran, Iran.


Executive Positions in Urmia University:

1. Dean (Junior Veterinary College of Khoy: 1990 for 6 months)

2. Vice Dean for Education & Research (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 1996-1997)

3. Dean ( Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 1997-1999)

4. Vice Chancellor for Research (Urmia University, 1999-2001)

5. Acting Chancellor (Urmia University, 2001-2002)

6. Chancellor (Urmia University, 2002-2005)



1. Selected Foreign Researcher (Faculty of Pharmacy, Utrecht University, Netherlands, 1996)

2. Selected Researcher (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Urmia University, Iran, 2002)

3. Candidate for Professor Doctor Degree and Gold Medal, (International Ecoenergy Academy, Republic of Azerbaijan, 2003).


Membership in the Specialized and Executive Committees in Urmia University (variable periods):

1. The First Distinctive Board: Juridical Member, The University Council (Juridical Member)

2. The Productivity Committee, Preliminary Disciplinary Committee of the Academic Staff

3. Mamber of the upstanding board of Research Institute for 

4. University Council for Informatics, vice-chairman

5. Member of the University Council for Culture

6. Member of the Specialized Board for Veterinary Basic Science

7. Member of the Welfare Centre for Academic Staff


Membership in Scientific & Technical Bodies:

  1. Research and Technology Council of the West Azerbaijan Province (member and secretary general, 1997-2001)

  2. Pharmacology & Toxicology Branch (Veterinary Group, Ministry of Science, member and head, 1998-… )

  3. The Journal of Veterinary Faculty (Tehran University, member of the editorial board, 2000-2007)

  4. Iranian Veterinary Organization (Veterinary Drug Approval Commission, member, 2002-... )

  5. Iranian Ministry of Science, Research & Technology (The Governing Council of the North-Western Iranian Universities, Secretary General, 2002-2004)

  6. Iranian Comprehensive University for Applied Sciences (The Governing Council of the Centre in Miandoab Town, member, 2003-2005)

  7. The Iranian Veterinary Association (member, 1989-…)

  8. Dutch Pharmacological Society (1993-2000)

  9. Iranian Association of Physiology & Pharmacology (member, 1997-… )

  10. Iranian Association of Asthma & Allergy (2000-… )

  11. European Respiratory Society (2005-…)


Language Skills:

1. Persian (Farsi): Native

2. Azeri Turkish: Native

3. English: 

4. Dutch: Familiar

5. Turkish: Familiar


Contact Details:

1. Postal Address: University of Tehran, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, PO Box 6453, Tehran 14155, Iran

2. Phone: +98-21-61117190 (Work), +98-21-44042309 (Home) and +98-912-5008901 (Cell)

3. Fax: +98-21-66933222

4. E-Mail:


Guiding & Judging Undergraduate and Postgraduate Theses, Books, Manuscripts, and Research Projects:

1. Supervisor of 7 PhD thesis

2.  Examiner of 10 PhD theses (University of Tehran, Urmia University, Utrecht University,…)

3. Supervisor of over 55 and examiner of over 40 DVM theses and Postgraduate Diploma projects (Universities of Urmia, Tehran, Tabriz Islamic Azad, and Urmia Islamic Azad)

4. Evaluation of over 80 manuscripts for Iranian and international journals (Including Arch Med Sci, Eur J Pharmacol, Iran J Vet Res, J Fac Vet Med Uni The, Pajouhesh & Sazandegi, etc.)

5. Evaluation of over 5 books and 25 research proposals for Iranian universities.


Teaching Activities:

1. Since 1996 I have taught pharmacology (basic, clinical and experimental) courses to BSc, DVM, MD, PGDip, and PhD levels to the students in the fields of veterinary medicine, medicine, physiology, pharmacology, veterinary pharmaceutical sciences, nursing and obstetrics.

2. In addition to Urmia University and the University of Tehran, my collaboration has covered other universities in Iran, namely the universities of Mashad, Ahwaz, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia Islamic Azad University and Tabriz Islamic Azad University. I have also some experience with teaching toxicology as well as biostatistics.


Full Papers in Scientific Journals (Research and Review Articles):

1. Aldavood SJ, Behyar R, Sarchahi AA, Rad MA, Noroozian I, Ghamsari SM & Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Effect of acetylcysteine on experimental corneal wounds in dogs. Ophthalmic Res 2003, 35, 319-323.

2. Alimehr M, Sadeghi-Hashjin G, Pourbakhsh SA & Nofouzi K. Isolation, identification and in vitro susceptibility of avian Escherichia coli to selected fluoroquinolones. Arch Razi Institute 1999, 50, 77-82.

3. Dalir-Naghadeh B, Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei F, Mobaraki L & Sadeghi-Hashjin G, A comparison between the effects of xylazine-ketamine and xylazine-thiopental combinations on the cardiac rhythm in dogs. Iranian J Vet Surg  2006, 1, 73-80.

4. Farkhondeh T, Boskabady MH, Koohi MK, Sadeghi Hashjin G & Moin M. The effect of lead exposure on selected blood inflammatory biomarkers in guinea pigs. Cardiovasc Haematol Disorders – Drug Targets 2013, 13, 45-49.

5. Farshid AA, Sadeghi-Hashjin G & Ferdowsi HR. Histopathological studies on the effects of peroxynitrite (ONOO-) on the lungs and trachea of rabbits. Eur Respir J  2002, 20, 1014-1016.

6. Khodabandeh M, Koohi MK, Malakootikhah J, Roshani A, Shahroziyan E, Badri B, Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Dermal safety of virgin and used oil enriched with copper nano particles in rabbits. Global Veterinaria 2011, 6: 362-365.

7. Khodabandeh M, Koohi MK, Roshani A, Shahroziyan E, Badri B, Pourfallah A, Shams Gh, Hobbenaghi R, Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Acute toxicity of virgin and used engine oil enriched with copper nano particles in the earthworm. J Physics: Conference Series 2011, 304: 012056 (pp 1-7)

8. Kolahian S, Sadeghi-Hashjin G, Asadi F & Moin M. The role of nitric oxide in airway responsiveness in diabetic-antigen sensitized guinea-pigs in vitro. Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol 2010, 9, 13-20.

9. Koohi MK, Asadi F, Sadeghi-Hashjin G, Badri B, Hajasghari Y, Shahrouziyan E, Malakotikhah J & Khodabandeh M. Comparative environmental safety of normal versus nano-cupper enriched engine oil. World J Zool 2012, 7, 1-5.

10. Koohi MK, Hejazi M, Mozaffari M, Paktinat SH, Sadeghi Hashjin G. Determination of organophosphorine pesticide residues in dairy products in Tabriz, Iran. J Food Sci Technol 2011, 8: 83-89.***

11. Ilkhanipour M, Hayatgheybe H & Sadeghi G. Experimental studies on the effects of nitric oxide on the percentage of platelete, red blood cells and white blood cells of guinea pigs. J Urmia Uni Med sci 2006, 17: 81-86.***

!supportLists]-->12. Ilkhanipour M, Moghaddami I & Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Impact of selected non-sterodial anti-inflammation drugs (NSAIDs), flunixin and ketoprofen, on peroxynitrite-induced inflammation and serum levels of cortisol and glucose. J Semnan Uni Med Sc 2006, 7, 113-117.***

13. Koohi MK, Shahroozian E, Ghazi-Khansari M, Daraei B, Javaheri A, Moghadam-Jafari A, Sadeghi Hashjin GThe effects of pentoxifylline pretreatment on aflatoxin B1-induced oxidative damage in perfused rat liver. Intl J Vet Res 2011, 5: 43-47.

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***: Articles in Farsi with abstracts in English     .



1. Sadeghi-Hashjin G. A Review on the Pharmacological Effects and Clinical Applications of Aminoglycosides in Large and Small Animals. 1989, Urmia University (DVM undergraduate Dissertation in Persian), No. 144.

2. Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Nitric Oxide & Airway Responsiveness: a pharmacological approach. 1996, Universiteit Utrecht (PhD Thesis), Utrecht. ISBN 90-393-1044-0. In English with abstracts in Dutch and Persian


C. Books (in Persian)

1. Sadeghi-Hashjin G. The role of airway epithelial cells in asthma. In: Moin M (editor) Asthma: Basic & Clinical Sciences, pp. 122-137. Tehran, University Press Centre, 2003.

2. Sadeghi-Hashjin G (Translation Editor). Translation into Persian of: Katzung BG (2008) Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 10th Ed. Tehran, Teymourzadeh Publications, 2009.

3. Sadeghi Hashjin G & Abouhosseini Tabari M (Translators). Katzung & Trevor's Pharmacology: Examination & Board Review. Tehran, Teymourzadeh Publications, 2009.


D. Books (in English)

1. Koohi MK, Khodabandeh M & Sadeghi-Hashjin G. Safety and Toxicity of Nano Engine Oil. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2012.

2. Sadeghi-Hashjin G, Koohi MK & Motaghinejad. Morphine Agains Morphine: An Animal Experimental Approach to Mophine Withdrawal by Morphine. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2011.


D. Presentations and Abstracts in Scientific Conferences

Over 100 presentations with my contribution (as presenter, organizer, panel member, co-author, etc.) in national, regional and international congresses in the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Finland, Germany, France, Hungary, Iran, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Thailand, and USA.

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