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Degree & Programs

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There are 61 fields of study as follows:
  Bachelor Programs
1 Agricultural Engineering/Agronomy
2 Landscape Engineering
3 Agricultural Engineering/Plant Breeding
4 Agricultural Engineering/Horticulture
5 Agricultural Engineering/Plant Protection
6 Agricultural Engineering/Animal Sciences
7 Animal Sciences/Poultry
8         Agricultural Engineering/Soil Sciences9          Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Machinery
10        Agricultural Mechanization
11       Natural Resources Engineering/Range and Watershed Management
12        Natural Resources Engineering/Wood and Paper
13         Agricultural Engineering/Water
14         Natural Resources Engineering/Forestry
  Master Programs
1 Agronomy
2 Entomology
3 Plant Breeding
4 Agricultural Engineering/Animal Sciences
5 Animal Sciences/Animal Physiology
6 Animal Sciences/Animal Feed
7 Horticulture/Vegetable Production
8 Horticulture/Ornamental Plants
9 Seed Sciences and Technology
10 Biotechnology in Agriculture
11 Weed Management
12 Sciences and Seed Technology
13      Natural Resources Engineering/Watershed Management
14        Soil Sciences/Soil Conservation
15       Mechanization
16       Natural Resources Engineering/Range Management
17       Agricultural Engineering/Drainage and Irrigation
18        Soil Sciences/Chemistry and Soil Fertility
19        Agricultural Management
20         Biosystem Mechanic Engineering /Renewable Energy
21         Biosystem Mechanic Engineering/Design of Agricultural Machinery
22         Biosystem Mechanic Engineering /Postharvest Technology
23         Soil Sciences/Soil Biology
  PhD Programs
1 Agricultural Entomology
2 Entomology/Insect Ecology and Biological Control
3 Entomology/Physiology and Toxicology
4 Entomology/Insect Biosystematics
5 Entomology/Leeches Biosystematics
6 Plant Breeding/Agro- Ecology
7 Plant Breeding/Genetics Biometry
8 Plant Breeding/Weed Sciences
9 Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics
10 Horticulture and Landscapes/Physiology and Fruit Reform
11 Horticulture and Landscape/Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics of Horticulture Products
12 Horticulture/Landscape –Physiology and Vegetable Reform
13 Agronomy/Physiology of Agronomic Plants
14 Agronomy/Agroecology
15 Animal Nutrition/Ruminant
16 Plant Breeding/Science and Seed Technology
17 Plant Breeding/Agricultural Biotechnology
18 Plant Pathology/Insects Systematic
19     Agricultural Machinery Mechanization
20      Range Sciences
A notable number of the graduates are now serving in various high-ranking scientific and administrative positions in the domestic and foreign universities and research institutions.
There are currently 1682 students enrolled in the programs offered by the faculty and 618 students are graduated in the 2015-16 academic year.
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