Residential Housing

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Residential life is an integral part of the university experience. Around half of nonnative students live in on and off campus dormitories during their studies. Living on campus offers so much more than four walls and a bed. The role of each dormitory is not just to provide accommodation, but also to cultivate healthier relationships through disciplined communal living. In fact, living and communicating with students in the dormitories serve to enhance intercultural understanding and provide a distinctive experience. At present, the university has 5 Student Residential Flats for the male students and 8 Residential Flats for the female students in the main campus just a few minutes’ walk from most of the faculties. The students living in the dormitories can have lunch and supper in the university catering hall which is located at only a few minutes walking distance from the dormitories. The apartments of these housings are fully furnished and consist of a living/dining room, computer 30 University of Mohaghegh Ardabili site, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, the Residential Housing Services Office at UMA has rented 3 residential buildings for the male and 3 for the female students off campus in different areas of the city. At all of its residential places, the university provides convenience, high value services, security, and a wide scope of programs and services designed specifically to comfort students. In addition, the university is making an attempt to offer accommodation for married PhD students in the near future. 


University Health Center (UHC) Primary Care Medical Clinics (PCMC)

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The University Health Center (UHC) is a medical unit situated within the main campus in Ardabil. 
UHC has three primary care Medical Clinics staffed with physicians, nurses, and other service providers. The medical care is provided and if needed, the patient is transferred to a city’s hospital. Healthcare center is available at reasonable costs which is possible to pay both on-site and online. When a student pays the health fee each time, the cost includes any medicines, supplies, or procedures which are charged a modest fee. The center is open to both students and staff at all working days from 8:00 to 4:00.
Students visiting UHC for the first time are required to fill out special forms online using their UMA ID account, and bring the print copies. The forms are:
1.Health History form
2.Patient Agreement form (including statements giving permission to treat you, agreement to pay charges that you may incur, and understanding of your rights to privacy and to ask questions about your care and safety)
Counseling Center (CC) The purpose of this center UHC is to help students with their concerns by helping them make better decisions in their life, and examine their thoughts and behaviors to see what needs to be changed to maximize their potential.
CC offers individual, group, and sometimes couples therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, and psychological assessment, and makes referrals to campus and community authorities when appropriate. In addition, it provides highquality training and supervision for advanced trainees.
CC is dedicated 32 University of Mohaghegh Ardabili to offering services while having respect for others, a deep appreciation for diversity, and compassion for the people it serves. UMA students can schedule appointments online, and any staff or employee can call the clinic directly to arrange a convenient appointment time. dedicated to offering services while having respect for others, a deep appreciation for diversity, and compassion for the people it serves. UMA students can schedule appointments online, and any staff or employee can call the clinic directly to arrange a convenient appointment time.

Tuition Fees

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Like other institutions of higher education in the country, for domestic students, UMA does not charge tuition fees for the regular courses offered at the university. Tuition fees are only charged for evening courses.
Foreign students applying for admission to regular courses, however, are liable to tuition fees. The current fees for each semester are as follows (in Euro). However, a 50 % discount applies to it.

(Costs for International Students)
2019 - 2020 Academic Year
Dormitory Fee
(in room with 3 persons)
60 Euro Per Semester
Food 35 Euro (monthly)
Note: Tuition & Fees are subject to changes.

Admission of Foreign Students

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Admission of Foreign Students in UMA
Foreign students are welcomed to UMA to continue their studies. Currently, the following regulations are in effect:
1. Candidates are required to submit an application form, supported by the necessary documents (translating of last academic documents,recommendation letters from the school where they previously studied, and evidence supporting the ability to cope with living expenses during the period of study in Iran) to the UMA›s International Relations Office.
2. The documents will be assessed by UMA and the MSRT and the applicants will be notified of the result by July every year.
3. As the language of instruction in Iranian universities is Persian, the foreign students are required to have a satisfactory command of Persian language. In the meantime, MSRT organizes an Intensive Persian Language Course for foreign students who are speakers of other languages. More details and possibly new regulations are immediately uploaded in the UMA International Relations Office webpage.

Admission Requirements

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Admission Requirements in UMA
Domestic applicants for different programs offered at UMA are required to have the following qualifications: a) holding a high school Diploma for associate and bachelor programs; bachelor for master programs; and master for PhD programs, and b) succeeding in the nationwide entrance examination, annually administered by the national organization of Assessment of Education.