Faculty of Science

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Faculty of Science
The Faculty of Sciences was founded in 1993 with only 34 students studying at the undergraduate level. Now called the Faculty of Basic Sciences, it is one of the most developed faculties in the university and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs aiming to develop modern research skills and provides a wide range of facilities for extensive use of the students and the faculty members.
At present, this faculty has 71 faculty members; 9 professors, 25 associate professors, 3assistant professors, and 2 lecturers; who work in the following departments:
Department of Physics
Department of Biology & Geology
Department of Chemistry
  Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer & Statistic Sciences
The faculty continues its activity with its modern and equipped laboratories. Audio-visual methods are used alongside oral representations and laboratory applications in lectures carried out in well–equipped classes and laboratories.
There are 49 fields of study as follows:
  Bachelor Programs
1 Nuclear Physics
2 Solid State Physics
3 Theoretical Physics
4 Applied Chemistry
5 Physics/Molecular and Cellular
6 General Biology
7 Biology/Plant Sciences
8 Biology/Molecular and Cellular
9 Geology
10   Mathematics and Applications
11    Statistics and Applications
12    Computer Sciences
  Master Programs
1 Chemistry/Organic Chemistry
2 Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry
3 Chemistry/Physical Chemistry
4 Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry
5 Theoretical Physics
6 Nuclear Physics
7 Biology/Animal Sciences
8 Biology/Animal Physiology
9 Biology/Molecular and Cellular
10 Biology/Plant Physiology
11 Solid State Physics
12 Physics/Molecular and Atomic/plasma
13  Pure Mathematics/Algebra
14   Pure Mathematics/Analysis
15   Pure Mathematics/Geometry
16   Applied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis
17   Statistics/Mathematical Statistics
18    Soft Computing/Logical Algebraic Structures
  PhD Programs
1 Biology/Molecular and Cellular
2 Organic Chemistry
3 Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry
4 Chemistry/Physical Chemistry
5 Physics/Nuclear Physics
6 Biology/Animal Physiology
7 Physics/Fundamental Physics/Mathematical Physics
8 Biology/Plant Physiology
9 Fundamental Physics-Chaos
10   Pure Mathematics/Geometry
11    Pure Mathematics/Analysis
12     Applied Mathematics/Differential Equation
13     Applied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis
14     Applied Mathematics/Statistics
15     Statistics
16     Pure Mathematic/Functional Analysis
17     Pure Mathematic/Commutative Algebra
18    Pure Mathematic/Group
19      Pure Mathematic/Combinatorial
  There are currently 2427 students enrolled in the programs offered by the faculty and 462 students are graduated in the 2015-16 academic year.