Supreme Leader’s Representative Office in the University

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Supreme Leader’s Representative Office in the University
According to patronage and command of His Excellency Ayatollah Khamenei, this representative was established with an exalted purpose and in the course of creating a virtuous and respectful university to divine guidance. It aims to clarify Islamic values and deepen religious and ideological awareness of students and academics. It was established in Esfand 1372 according to the final enactment ratified by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. As a result, on the basis of specified goals and duties this new organization was created for the intention of His honor to be accomplished. In all universities and higher education centers, this office performs the duties defined in the article of association.
The office of representative in university considers two underlying and important principles to achieve the above- mentioned goals and fulfill divine responsibilities:
1.       Emphasizing and attempting seriously on the fundamental and profound cultural movements in the course of growth and expansion of Islamic and religious thoughts and awareness among university students and academics.
2.       Creating and enforcing the spirit of active cooperation and mobility of university students and academics in political, social and cultural fields in society and universities.
On this basis, this office has programmed, created harmony, and linked with other offices and students organizations. Furthermore, it has taken effective steps in establishing relationship with university professors, religious and cultural figures.
Purposes of establishing the office of the Supreme Leader’s representation in university:
1.       Developing and deepening Islamic awareness and interest of university students.
2.       Intellectual supporting and guiding of university students organizations
3.       Creating and expanding spiritual atmosphere in universities
Some duties of the office:
1.       Clarification of political, social, and cultural issues through organizing meetings, lecture, and discussion and debate sessions
2.       Performing cultural-educational programs
3.       Holding conferences, meetings and query sessions
4.       Active presence among students with the purpose of intellectual guidance
5.       Constant and efficient relation with eminent professors of the university
Some activities that are constantly performed by this office in the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili is are follows:
1.       Holding various festivals,
2.       Arranging students marriage celebrations annually with the presence of married couples students of this university
3.       Organizing cultural competition
4.       Holding constant meetings in an honest and delightful gathering with students of the university
5.       Plan of rings of wisdom to promote the level of insight among students
6.       Holding educational classes and workshops
7.       Plan of discussion of the month
8.       Exclusive and regular dormitory programs in girls’ and boys’ dormitories
9.   Creating appropriate conditions for activities of centers which are linked with the institution
10.   Convening intellectual collaborations among university professors
11.   Organizing regular group prayer in dormitories and the university throughout the year
12.   Collaborating with university for holding religious occasions
13.   Reproducing pamphlets, brochures, and CDs relevant to the current issues of the country and the world
Goals and Objectives
  A representative of the Supreme Leader at UMA has been appointed with the aim towards cultural and religious elevation of the university body.
  The main objectives of the office are as following:
  · Intensifying student Islamic awareness and concerns
  · Establishing and enhancing a refined and spiritual atmosphere in the university, and promoting ethical principles among students
  · Enriching the political view of the university students
  · Bolstering and guiding theological morale among the student community
  · Reinforcing Islamic values in scientific and executive extents
  · Defying deviational notions and consolidating self-credence and independence
  · Further consolidating the relation between university and Hawzah.
   Parts of duties and responsibilities:
  •          - Creating and developing an islamic and spiritual atmosphere
  •          - Dominating the islamic revolutionary values
  •          - Opposing the expansion of misleading thoughts and opinions and cultural invasion
  •          - Reinforcing the spirit of self-confidence and thought dependence
  •          - Strengthening the bond between universities and Islamic education centers
  •          - Developing the political insight in university environment
  •          - Performing educational and research programs in islamic sciences
  •          - Extending the culture of encouraging to good deeds and discouraging from bad deeds and performing the prayers
  •          - Supporting the professional and responsible personnel of university
  •          - Attempting to maintain religious-national identity and reinforcing the spirit of self-confidence with emphasis on islamic and revolutionary values at university
  •          - Intensifying the student’s islamic awareness and concerns
  •          - Establishing and enhancing a refined and spiritual atmosphere at the university and promoting ethical principles among students
  •          - Enriching political view of the university students