Unieversity of Kerbala

University of Mohaghegh Ardabili and University of Kerbala have agreed to:

· facilitate the exchange of academic members, researchers and experts for conducting research, teaching or exchange of ideas.

· provide opportunities for professors and researchers to participate in conferences, symposia and international meetings of both universities.

· provide necessary facilities to exchange professors to spend their sabbatical leaves.

· collaborate in holding joint scientific, research and technological exhibitions and conducting joint research project.

· exchange students in the areas of mutual interest consistent with regulations of both countries.

· exchange information, books academic publications, scientific and research documents, students’ thesis, microfilms and computer software in the educational, research and technological areas.

· facilitate the visit of academic members, researchers, students of both universities.

· provide the facilities for participation of students in sport competitions.

· support the establishment of the chain of the languages and literature in the universities of both countries.