Memorandum of Understanding

University of Mohaghegh Ardabili (UMA) and Anadolu University (AU), by signing a memorandum of understanding agreed to have cooperation in the following areas:

(a)  Exchange of faculty, and research scholars;

(b)  Exchange of students;

(c)  Joint research activities and lectures;

(d)  Participation in seminars and academic meeting;

(e)  Exchange of published academic materials and other information;

(f)  Special short-term academic programs.

More details of exchange of faculty, and research scholars; and also exchange of students appear below:


1. In principle, travel expenses and living costs of exchange faculty and research scholars will not be compensated by the host institution, but in some cases, when possible, the host institution may provide financial support in any form.

2. The host institution shall provide office space and give access to libraries and other facilities to exchange faculty and research scholars.

3. Faculty/ Scholar exchanges will normally be for the duration of one or two semesters but shorter stays are possible, subject to mutual agreement.

4. Faculty/ Scholar exchanges remain subject to the approval of the host institution.

5. Each professor remains on salary with the home institution during the exchange, and remuneration for special projects is subject to special negotiation.

6. Visiting professors/ scholars must carry medical health insurance in accordance with the rules and regulations of the host institutions and/ or the host government.

7. Teaching course loads and working hours and conditional shall normally be in Accordance with established rules and practices of the host institution, subject to prior negotiation and agreement.

8. This Agreement between UMA and AU will cover in any appropriate academic Fields at either institution, subject to the prior approval of the administration of the host institution.


1. Students are exchanged between UMA and AU based on the principle of reciprocity during the same academic year.

2. Exchange students shall be admitted as non-degree students for a period of one or two semesters.

3. Exchange students may take courses for credit, and the host institution shall issue a transcript and the grades for exchange students shall be given under the same rules and regulations as for its degree-seeking students.

4. So long as the principle of reciprocity is maintained, tuition and fees shall be waived for Exchange students by the host institution.

5. The sending institution shall recommend Exchange students and follow established rules and procedures set forth by the host institution. The final decisions to accept the student belongs to the host institution.

6. Travel and living expenses for exchange students are borne by the students themselves or by a sponsor.

7. In accordance with the regulations of both universities, Exchange students are required to carry adequate medical insurance, provided by a carrier with an office located within the host country.

8. The exchange students must submit an Affidavit of Financial Support (AFS) for living expenses in advances to the host institution.