UMA visiting scholar policy

UMA Visiting Scholar Policy 

I.  Policy

A person who has an academic appointment or is a PhD student at another institution abroad may be appointed as a Visiting ScholarResearcher to participate in a short-term research or other academic project under the supervision of a UMA faculty member.  A visitor shall be designated as a Visiting ScholarResearcher if officially delegated from an institution of higher education or research and officially appointed here in UMA. 


II. Criteria for Appointment

The appointment must serve an academic purpose for the benefit of the hosting Department.  A visitor must: be self-supporting; provide evidence of adequate support from external sources and of health insurance, appropriate to the duration of the appointment; and possess a degree appropriate to carry out the activities for which the appointment is made.


III. Term of Appointment

Visitors are appointed for short periods not to exceed 12 months, and more typically for six (6) months or less. The appointment is self-terminating. Reappointment for an additional term of up to 12 months is permitted upon the request of the visitor and the approval of the institution. UMA may at any time terminate the appointment without prior notice and withdraw associated privileges.


IV. Conditions of Appointment

1.  Service as a visitor constitutes neither employment nor enrollment as a student at UMA.

2.  A visitor is not eligible for salary or wages from the UMA.

3.  A visitor is bound by the all effective rules and policies of the UMA.

4.  Approval of the host faculty member, IRO and International Cooperation Council (ICC)

5.  Familiarity with English, Persian and/or Turkish language


 V. Method of Appointment

All Visiting ScholarResearcher require a UMA sponsor (i.e., a faculty member). Therefore, the first step for all visiting scholars/student researchers interested in conducting research at UMA is to secure a faculty member as a sponsor. They should contact faculty members directly with their proposed research project. Upon acceptance, the sponsor will follow the procedure through IRO. IRO shall determine whether to prepare a dossier to be forwarded to ICC.

The dossier shall consist of a Visiting Scholar Application and CV, her/his affiliation evidence, and the faculty member acceptance letter.  Upon the ICC approval, the applicant shall follow the procedure in the home institution. After receiving the formal letter from the home institution, he chancellor will have the authority to make the initial appointment (of up to 12 months) and one reappointment (of up to 12 months).


VI. Visiting Status Privileges

1.  Work space: A room with computer and the internet and telephone (extension line).

2.  Lab: The visitors are allowed to the Labs and the use of Lab materials under the supervision of the host faculty member.

3.  Library membership: Visitors may become a Library member which provides borrowing privileges of up to 5 books.  

4.  Parking: A Visitor could in person present a Departmental Letter and a completed parking application to Parking Services of the Security Office to be allowed to enter the campus by car.  

5.  Housing: Visitors are not eligible for University housing, but may contact IRO for available listings.

6.  Catering: The visitors are allowed to benefit subsidized food prices of UMA whenever available.

7.  Visiting Scholars Researcher may, without the payment of tuition, confer with faculty members, audit classes and participate in seminars with the consent of the instructor.

8.  Health care: Visiting ScholarResearcher and their spouses can use the UMA Health Center for health care services on a fee-for-service basis. Payment is due at the time of service.

9.  Visiting ScholarResearcher will receive UMA Club membership at the Recreational Sports Facility upon request.


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