| Post date: 2014/12/1 - 16:15 | 
Since IRO has begun its activity more seriously this year, UMA welcomes partnering with national and international universities and research institutions. We welcome calls for cooperation and also look for potential partners in the country and around the world in an attempt to broaden views and converge overall orientations. We will, and in fact we have been for some time, involve in going international to seek new experiences and share ours.
So far, we have signed MOUs with 13 universities. For detailed information about the areas of cooperation between the UMA and partnering universities visit the UMA International Partners page.
In an attempt to sieze a notable opportunity for international cooperation, UMA has invited all faculty members who studied abroad to join forces. For the purpose, we have formed IFUMA (Internatinal Friends of the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili) Group which offers advice on qualifying international relations. 
Please contact IRO ( or Dr.Mohammadtaghi Alebrahim ( for queries or cooperation proposals.