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This campus (Sabalan University College of Namin) was established in 1993. The college started its activity with the department of literature and humanity sciences with Persian literature, psychology, foreign languages (English and Arabic) and archeology in different degrees. In 2013, the structure of this campus has changed to the branch of advanced technologies and engineering sciences. The university college now has a faculty of advanced technologies and two faculties called computer engineering and information technologies and material engineering and nanotechnology are under establishment.

The undergraduate program in two major engineering sciences from 2012 and optics and laser engineering from 2017 was launched with ten faculty members. the program was established with the highest standards, as well as 15 educational and two research laboratories. The faculty members are mostly young and active in their field of study. Considering the brilliant history and the academic abilities in both education and research and also the effective scientific collaboration of the member, this college is known as one of the outstanding and pioneering academic colleges in the northwest of Iran.
The university college is located in Namin city and facilitated by dormitory for both girls and boys, gyms, library, language, and computers centers.
Despite newly establishment of the university college, the scientific educational quality of the students is high and the admission of the students in master countrywide testing program is the significant indicator for confirmation of this claim.


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متن مورد نظر