Tuition Fees

 | Post date: 2018/02/19 - 09:36 | 
Like other institutions of higher education in the country, for domestic students, UMA does not charge tuition fees for the regular courses offered at the university. Tuition fees are only charged for evening courses.
Foreign students applying for admission to regular courses, however, are liable to tuition fees. The current fees for each semester are as follows (in Euro). However, a 50 % discount applies to it.
Humanities Basic Sciences Engineering Agriculture
phD 1050 1250 1300 1300
Master 950 1000 950 850
Bachelor 550 750 850 850

(Costs for International Students)
2019 - 2020 Academic Year
Dormitory Fee
(in room with 3 persons)
40 Euro Per Semester
Food 20 Cent Per meal
Note: Tuition & Fees are subject to changes.