Admission of Foreign Students

 | Post date: 2018/02/19 - 09:34 | 
Admission of Foreign Students in UMA
Foreign students are welcomed to UMA to continue their studies. Currently, the following regulations are in effect:
1. Candidates are required to submit an application form, supported by the necessary documents (translating of last academic documents,recommendation letters from the school where they previously studied, and evidence supporting the ability to cope with living expenses during the period of study in Iran) to the UMA›s International Relations Office.
2. The documents will be assessed by UMA and the MSRT and the applicants will be notified of the result by July every year.
3. As the language of instruction in Iranian universities is Persian, the foreign students are required to have a satisfactory command of Persian language. In the meantime, MSRT organizes an Intensive Persian Language Course for foreign students who are speakers of other languages. More details and possibly new regulations are immediately uploaded in the UMA International Relations Office webpage.