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Vice-Chancellor for Students, Social and Cultural Affairs

Professor Esmaiel Goli Kalanpa

Vice – Chancellor for Students, Social & Cultural Affairs
Description of duties:
  1. Conducting necessary studies to prepare and compile programs to offer students services to the students
  2. Preparing and developing regulations, frameworks and standards of students' services and dormitories affairs  
  3. Developing necessary plans to supply and develop sports activities and management of sports competitions and Olympiads
  4. Adopting necessary measures to supply students' health, treatment and counseling services
  5. Developing plans and making necessary control to manage the students' nutrition affairs and constant inspection to observe health and sanitation in restaurants
  6. Performing necessary studies to distribute students' loads among faculties and students
  7. Conducting necessary measures to settle down the accounts of graduates and debt installments
  8. Making necessary program to administrate students' dormitories affairs and promoting the situation of housing services for students
  9. Following up the affairs related to the opening ceremony of university and arranging graduation festivals
  10. Performing other duties assigned by the Vice-Chancellor for Students and Cultural Affairs
  1. Conducting necessary studies to identify the cultural and social conditions of the University and its demands
  2. Making necessary reviews to develop cultural and social programs within the framework of the vice-chancellor’s assigned plans
  3. Promoting cultural indexes and utilizing cultural opportunities of the University,
  4. Carrying out studies in order to prepare and develop regulations, standards, and cultural and social indexes,
  5. Planning to control the adjusted indexes and evaluating them constantly and periodically,
  6. Helping students to get socialized by means of planning for social and political activities; making the students familiar with religious, national, international and cultural heritage; supporting students’ creativity by establishing different cultural and scientific associations, organizing field trips and camping, and also publishing different academic leaflets,
  7. Supervising student services in faculties and units,
Managing the activities of museums and cultural centers of the University.