Dr. Mandana Amiri won the German Humboldt Research Fellowship among young experienced researchers

 | Post date: 2020/12/30 - 13:22 | 
According to the university's public relations, Dr. Mohammad Taghi Alebrahim, the Director of Scientific & International Affairs, announced the news and added: Dr. Mandana Amiri won the "German Humboldt Scholarship for Experienced Researchers" with a value of 49,000 Euros for 12 months of research in Germany. Her research interests is in the field of hydrogen production using electrochemical fission of water.
He added: "The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is one of the most prestigious scientific foundations in the world, which has started its activities since 1953, and during the past years, 26,000 prominent researchers from different countries have benefited from the support of this foundation to some extent." As the fifty-one noble prize winners have also received research scholarships in various disciplines from the foundation.
Alebrahim continued: "This foundation is trying to support the world's leading scientists and German researchers at the highest level by establishing communication."

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