Vice-Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Resources Management

 | Post date: 2019/03/11 - 10:52 | 

Associate Prof. Taghi Akbari
Vice-Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Resources Management

Description of duties
  • Studying, design and establishing sub-systems of human resources including systems of supply, improvement, maintaining and applying human resources and constant effort to promote human capitals of university
  • Conducting affairs related to the implementation of systems of salary and wage at the level of university including staff and faculty members
  • Evaluating the performance and educational feasibility studies of staff
  • Redeveloping and constant improvement of the system of human resources in the university
  • Adopting necessary measures to orient and coordinate plans of development of human resources
  • Monitoring the provision and adjusting necessary directives on administrative, financial, personnel, welfare, logistics, and development affairs within the framework of rules and related regulations
  • Constant monitoring the administrative, financial, employment regulations and rules in the headquarter and all affiliated units
  • Planning and adopting necessary measures to administrate and improve the welfare condition of staff and supervising its smooth performance
  • Supervising the adjustment, keeping and dealing with accounts of university based on communicated rules and regulations
  • Supervising the costs of all credits including current and developmental in the headquarter and affiliated units of university
  • Developing rules and regulations and supervising the smooth performance of it on logistics needs
  • Cooperating with other affiliated offices of deputies and units to remove obstacles in financial, personnel, welfare and logistic affairs
  • Taking actions to meet the rights of university through putting forth, pursuing and defending claims in all stages of proceedings, judgment and legal affairs
  • Doing necessary actions to study and give a legal view on all agreements, protocols and agreements of university with legal and real persons
  • Presenting consultation services to all units of university in respect of assigned duties
  • Planning for the creation, development and supply of skeleton spaces of university
  • Conducting necessary actions and supervising the planning to maintain and repair buildings of headquarter, main campus and north campus
  • Doing other duties assigned by the Chancellor