Residential Housing

 | Post date: 2018/02/24 - 14:42 | 

Residential life is an integral part of the university experience. Around half of nonnative students live in on and off campus dormitories during their studies. Living on campus offers so much more than four walls and a bed. The role of each dormitory is not just to provide accommodation, but also to cultivate healthier relationships through disciplined communal living. In fact, living and communicating with students in the dormitories serve to enhance intercultural understanding and provide a distinctive experience. At present, the university has 5 Student Residential Flats for the male students and 8 Residential Flats for the female students in the main campus just a few minutes’ walk from most of the faculties. The students living in the dormitories can have lunch and supper in the university catering hall which is located at only a few minutes walking distance from the dormitories. The apartments of these housings are fully furnished and consist of a living/dining room, computer 30 University of Mohaghegh Ardabili site, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, the Residential Housing Services Office at UMA has rented 3 residential buildings for the male and 3 for the female students off campus in different areas of the city. At all of its residential places, the university provides convenience, high value services, security, and a wide scope of programs and services designed specifically to comfort students. In addition, the university is making an attempt to offer accommodation for married PhD students in the near future.