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Members of Academic Board - Morteza Nattagh-Najafi

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Theses supervised
1. F, Adli (Advisor), Thermodynamic study of systems with various non-extensive statistics and their applications (2019).
2. M. Hosseinpour (Advisor), Non-linear dynamics of laser in nano-suspension of metallic nano particles, (2018).
3. S. Tizdast (Ph. D candidate), Combination of c=0 and c=1/2 conformal field theories, an SLE investigation.
4. J. Cheraghalizadeh (Ph. D candidate), Statistical field theory on the fractal lattices.
6. M. Maleki (PhD candidate), Application of generalized statistics in gravity and cosmology.
5. N. Valizadeh (Ph. D candidate, Advisor), The growth of interfaces and depinning transition in the patterned random media.
1. S. Bahrampour (M. Sc.), A review on the quantum Hall effect and its relation to conformal field
theory, (2015).
2. M. Beyrami (M. Sc.), A review on the Kondo effect and its relation to conformal field theory, (2015).
3. Mohammad Reza Azin, The application of q-deformed statistics in metallic solids, (2015).
4. N. Ahadpour (M. Sc.), statistical investigation of the Dirac points in graphene and the rule of the
 disorder within the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac approximation (2015).
5. K. Ahadzadeh (M. Sc.), Investigation of the fluid movement pattern in 2D porous media
6. Narges Cheraghpour, The qp-deformation and its applications, (2015).
7. R. Khodadoost (M. Sc.), A review on the multi-SLEs, (2016).
8. S. Noori-Gashti, Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics in the relativistic frames, (2016).
10. Z. Moghadam (M. Sc.), The effect of micro-flicks in the rare events in sandpiles, (2018).
11. Samira Esfaniarpour Boroujeni, Study of the quantum transitions in entangled spin chains, (2015).
12. T. Sheikhloo (M. Sc. candidate), Bose-Einstein condensate model for the dark matter, (2019).
13. Gholizadeh (M. Sc. candidate), The retardation effects of signal propagation in random systems, (2019).
14. M. Rashidi (M. Sc. candidate), elastic backbone of Gaussian free field, (2019).
15. M. Abedi (M. Sc. candidate), The invasion BTW model, (2019).
16. F. Yousefi (M. Sc. candidate), Application of BTW model for the earthquake, weighted by the cross-correlations, (2019).
17. M. Rastkar, Black holes from quantum and thermodynamic perspective. (2016).
18. B. Sheikhi-Shahrivar (M. Sc.), Study of the non-equilibrium 2D electron gas with the short- range
interactions in the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac approximation, (2014).
19. S. Tizdast, The Fokker-Planck equation for Schramm-Loewner evolution, (2016).
20. J. Cheraghalizadeh, Statistical models on the fractal lattices, (2018).
21. S. Doostdari, Statistics of cracks in coffee (2020).
22. M. A. Seifi-Mirjafarlou, Fisher-Hardwig method for entanglement entropies, (2020).
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