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Members of Academic Board - Morteza Nattagh-Najafi

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Under publication articles

1. J.Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) Cumulus Clouds as rough surfaces.
2. J.Cheraghalizadeh, M. A. Seifi-Mirjafarlou, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) Oscillatory sandpile model.
3. M. Rahimi, M. A. Seifi-Mirjafarlou, Lucilla Arcangelis, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) Anaxonic Local Neurons, Crossover from mean field to a Continuous-Varying Exponent Phase.
4. H. Masoomi, M. N. Najafi*, S. M. S. Movahed, (2020) Statistical and Topological Aspects of Visibility Graphs Associated with Fractional Gaussian Noise.
5. H. Masoomi, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) Topological data analysis of the visibility graphs of Sandpiles.
6. N. Valizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) M. Samadpour, H. Hamzedpour, Edwards-Wilkinson Depinning Transition in the Background of Gaussian Free Field.
7. Z. Moghaddam, S. Tizdast, M. N. Najafi*, (2020)  1/f noise in two-dimensional electron gas.
8. S. Tizdast, Z. Ebadi, J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, Jose S. Andrade, H J Herrmann, (2020) Exploration process driven by modified Loewner forces.

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