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Published articles

1. S.Tizdast, Z. Ebadi, J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi, Jose S. Andrade, Hans J Herrmann (2021): Self-similar but not conformally invariant traces obtained by modified Loewner forces, Arxiv:2105.02694 (submitted to Physical review E).
2. M. N. Najafi*, J. Cheraghalizadeh, H. J. Herrmann (2021), Self-organized criticality in cumulus clouds, Physical review E 103, 052106.
3. M. N. Najafi*, S.Tizdast, Z. Moghaddam, M. Samadpour (2021), Flicker noise in two-dimensional electron gas, Arxiv:2104.14402 (submitted to Physical review E).
4. M. N. Najafi*, S.Tizdast, J. Cheraghalizadeh, H. Dashti-Nasserabadi (2021), Invasion percolation in short-range and long-range disordered background, Arxiv:2105.00840 (sub. to Physical review E).
5. N. Valizadeh, M. Samadpour, H. Hamzehpour, M. N. Najafi*, (2021), Edwards-Wilkinson depinning transition in the backgroung of coulomb random potential, Arxiv:2104.13965 (submitted to Physical review E).
6. M. N. Najafi*, S Tizdast, J. Cheraghalizadeh (2021): Some Properties of Sandpile Models as a Prototype of Self-Organized Critical Systems, Physica Scripta (accepted).
7. K. Arias-Calluari, F. Allonso-Marroquin, M. N. Najafi, M. Harre, (2021): Methods for forecasting the effect of exogenous risks on stock markets, Phisica A 568, 125587.
8. M. Rahimi, M. A. Seifi-Mirjafarlou, Lucilla Arcangelis, M. N. Najafi*, (2020) On the role of anaxonic local neurons in the crossover to continuously varying exponents for avalanche activity, Physical Review E, 103, 042402, Preprint: Arxiv 2011.08081v1.
9. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. Seifi, Z. Ebadi, H. Mohammadzadeh, M. N. Najafi , (2021): Superstatistical two-temperature Ising model, Physical review E 103(3), 032104.
10. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, A. Saber, (2021) cumulus clouds from the rough surface perspective, Journal of the Earth and Space Physics 47, 11. DOI: 10.22059/jesphys.2021.311393.1007254.
11. H. Massomi, B. Askari, M. N. Najafi, S. M. S. Movahed, Persistent homology of weighted visibility graph from fractional Gaussian noise, Arxiv: 2101.03328 (submitted to Physical Review E).
12. H. Mohamadzade*, M. Rastkar, M. N. Najafi , (2021):Thermodynamic geometry of normal (exotic) BTZ black hole regarding to the fluctuation of cosmological constant, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, 18, 2150023 . Preprint: Arxiv 180201084.
13. S Tizdast, N Ahadpour, M. N. Najafi*, Z Ebadi, H Mohamadzadeh (2020): Dynamical Crossover in Invasion Percolation, Physica Scripta 95, 115212, Preprint: Arxiv: 2003.02193.
14. F. Gharari, K. Arias-Calluari, F. Alonso-Marroquin, M. N. Najafi* (2020), Local and Non-local Fractional Porous Media Equations, Preprint: Arxiv 201006306. (submitted to Phys. Rev. E)
15. H. Moaieri*, M. N. Najafi (2020): The intermediate fermionic species created by SO(3) rotation in the representation of the Dirac equation, Preprint: Arxiv 201002698.
16. M Samadpour, M Dehghani, P Parand, M. N. Najafi, E. Parvazian (2020): Photovoltaic performance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis of CdS/CdSe sensitized solar cell based on surfactant modified ZnS treatment, Applied Physics A 461, 126.
17. M. N. Najafi*, M. Rahimi-Majd, T. Shirzad (2020): Avalanches on the complex network of Rigan Earthquake, Virtual Seismometer Technique, Criticality and Seismic Cycle, Europhysics Letters 130 (2), 20001.
18. M. N. Najafi*, M.A. Rajabpour (2020): Formation probabilities and statistics of observables as defect problems in the free fermions and the quantum spin chains, Physical review B 101, 165415.
19. M. N. Najafi, J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. Lukovic, H.J. Herrmann (2020): Geometry-induced non-equilibrium phase transition in sandpiles, Physical review E 101, 032116.
20. M. N. Najafi*, Z. Moghaddam, M. Samadpour, N.A.M. Araujo (2020): Invasion sandpile model, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2020(7), p.073205. Preprint: Arxiv: 2003.02482.
21. M. Maleki*, H. Mohammadzadeh, Z. Ebadi, M. N. Najafi (2019): Deformed Boson condensate as a model of Dark Matter, Preprint: Arxiv: 191204656.
22. M. N. Najafi*, J. Cheraghalizadeh, H.J. Herrmann  (2019): Elastic backbone phase transition in the Ising model, Physical review E 100, 042132.
23. K. Arias-Calluari*, M. N. Najafi, M.S. Harre, F. Alonso-Marroquin (2019): Stationarity of the detrended time series of S&P500, Physica A (to be published), Preprint: Arxiv:191001034.
24. F. Alonso-Marroquin*, K. Arias-Calluari, M. Harre, M. N. Najafi, H. J. Herrmann (2019): Q-Gaussian diffusion in stock markets, Physical Review E 99, 062313.
25. Mahmoud Samadpour*, Hieng Kiat Jun, Parisa Parand, M. N. Najafi (2019): CdS quantum dots pre-deposition for efficiency enhancement of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells, Solar Energy 188, 825-830.
26. M. N. Najafi* (2019): An electronic avalanche model for metal-insulator transition in two dimensional electron gas, The European Physical Journal B 92, 172.
27. N. Sepehri-Javan*, M. Hosseinpour Azad, M. N. Najafi (2019): Semi-Analytical Solution for Solitary Waves in a Dissipative Suspension of Metallic Nanoparticles, Plasmonics 14, 579-593.
28. F. Adli*, H. Mohammadzadeh, Z. Ebadi, M. N. Najafi (2019): Nonperturbative thermodynamic geometry of nonextensive statistics, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics. 16 1950069.
29. M. N. Najafi*, S. Tizdast, J. Cheraghalizadeh (2019): Schramm-Loewner Evolution in the background of attractive and repulsive points in the stochastic Henon-percolation lattice. Acta Physica Plonica B 50, 929.
30. M. N. Najafi*, M. Rahimi (2019): The effect of retardation in neuronal activity in the random networks, Physica Scripta 94, 4896.
31. M. N. Najafi, Z. Moghaddam (2019): Local smoothing in sandpiles: spanning avalanches, bifurcation and temporal oscillations, Physical Review E 99, 042120.
32. F. Adli*, H. Mohammadzadeh, M. N. Najafi, Z. Ebadi (2019): Condensation of non-extensive ideal Bose gas and critical exponents, Physica A: statistical mechanics and its applications 521, 773-780.
33. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi* (2019): Correlation effects in the diluteness pattern in non-integral dimensional systems on  super diffusion process, Physica Scripta 94, 095204.
34. M. N. Najafi* (2018): Percolation transition in two dimensional electron gas: A quantum cellular automaton model, Solid State Communications 284, 84-87.
35. M. N. Najafi*, J. Cheraghalizadeh (2018): Ising ferromagnets in disordered correlated square lattice, an example of Ising-Ising coupling, Physical Review E 98, 052136.
36. Z. Mogahddam, M. N. Najafi*, A. Saber, Z. Ebadi (2018): Power spectrum of rare events in two-dimensional BTW model, Physica Scripta 93, 105203.
37. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, H. Mohammadzadeh (2018): Gaussian free field in the iso-height random islands tuned by percolation theory, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, Theory and Experiment (JSTAT) 083301, DOI:10.1088/1742-5468/aad6c9.
38. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, H. Mohammadzadeh, A. Saber (2018): Self-Avoiding Walk on the square site-diluted Ising-correlated lattice, Physical Review E 97 (4), 042128.
39. M. N. Najafi*, Nasim Ahadpour, Jafar Cheraghalizadeh, H. Dashti-Naserabadi (2018): Scaling properties of mono-layer graphene away from the Dirac point, Physical Review E 98, 012111.
40. M. N Najafi* (2018): Coupling of c=-2 and c=1/2 and c=0 conformal field theories: The geometrical point of view, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51, 175001.
41. M. N. Najafi*, H. Dashti-Naseabadi (2018): Statistical investigation of avalanches of three-dimensional small-world networks and their boundary and bulk cross-sections, Physical Review E 97, 032108.
42. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, H. Mohammadzadeh (2018): Gassian Free Field in the background of metallic correlated disorders, European Physical Journal B 91 (5), 81:91.
43. N. Sepehri-Javan*, M. Hosseinpour Azad, M. N. Najafi (2018): Artificial Kerr effect on the self-focusing of laser in a dissipative suspension of metallic nanoparticles, Physics of Plasmas 25, 082310.
44. M. N. Najafi* (2019): Interaction-disorder-driven characteristic momentum in graphene, approach of multi-body distribution functions, Scientific reports 9, 3624.
45. M. N. Najafi*, H. Dashti-Naseabadi (2018): Sandpile on uncorrelated site-diluted percolation lattice; From three to two dimensions, Journal of statistical mechanics, theory and experiment (JSTAT) 23211.
46. J. Cheraghalizadeh, M. N. Najafi*, H. Dashti-Naserabadi, H. Mohammadzadeh (2017): Mapping of the Bak, Tang, andWiesenfeld sandpile model on a two-dimensional Ising-correlated percolation lattice to the two-dimensional self-avoiding random walk, Physical Review E 96, 052127.
47. H. Dashti-Naseabadi, M. N. Najafi* (2017): Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld model in the upper critical dimension: Induced criticality in lower-dimensional subsystems, Physical Review E 96, 04215.
48. M. N. Najafi*, M. GhaseminezhadHaghighi (2017): Scale-invariant puddles in Graphene: Geometric properties of electron-hole distribution at the Dirac point, Physical Review E 95, 032112.
49. N. Sepehri Javan*, F. Rouhi Erdi, M. N. Najafi (2017): Magnetic field effect on the self-focusing of an intense laser pulse interacting with a bulk medium of graphite nano particles, Physics of Plasmas 24 052301.
50. M. N. Najafi*, A. Tavana (2016): Universality class of the structural phase transition in the normal phase of cuprate superconductors, Physical Review E 94, 022110.
51. M. N. Najafi* (2016): Bak-Tang-Weisenfeld Model on the Square Percolation Lattice, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49, 335003.
52. M. N. Najafi*, M. Ghaedi (2016): Water Propagation in the Porous Media, Self-Organized Criticality and Ising Model, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 445, 102–111.
53. M. N. Najafi* (2016): Monte Carlo study of the Ising ferromagnet on the site-diluted triangular lattice, Physics Letters A 380, 370–376.
54. M. N. Najafi* (2015): Renormalization group analysis of Blume–Capel ferromagnet on two-dimensional triangular lattice, Physica Scripta 90, 085206 (7pp).
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57. M. N. Najafi* (2015): Observation of Schramm-Loewner evolution on the geometrical clusters of the Ising model, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, Theory and Experiment (JSTAT) P05009 doi:10.1088/1742-5468/2015/05/P05009.
58. H. Asasi*, S. Moghimi-Araghia, M. N. Najafi (2015): Continuous transforming the BTW to the Manna model, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 419, 196–202.
59. M. N. Najafi*, H. Mohammadzadeh (2015): Statistical study of two-dimensional electron gas within Thomas-Fermi approximation, Journal of Research on Many-Body Systems, (This is Persian journal entitled:
مطالعه آماری گاز الکترونی دو بعدی در تقریب توماس-فرمی”.  The impact factor of this journal is approximately 0.09. It has no number, since it was a conference special volume.)
60. M. N. Najafi* (2015): Fokker-Planck Equation of Schramm-Loewner Evolution, Physical Review E 92, 022113.
61. M. N. Najafi* (2014): Bak–Tang–Wiesenfeld model in the finite range random link lattice, Physics Letters A, 378, 2008–2015.
62. M. N. Najafi* (2013): Numerical determination of the boundary condition changing operators, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 392, Issue 20, 5179–5185.
63. M. N. Najafi* (2013): Left passage probability of Schramm-Loewner Evolution, Physical Review E 87, 062105.
64. M. N. Najafi*, S. Moghimi-Aragh, S. Rouhani (2012): Observation of SLE(k,r) on the critical statistical models,   Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 45, 095001 (12pp).
65. M. N. Najafi*, S. Moghimi-Aragh, S. Rouhani (2012): Avalanche frontiers in the dissipative Abelian sandpile model and off-critical Schramm-Loewner evolution, Physical Review E 85, 051104.

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