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Under publication articles
[53] On the Solutions to European Options Pricing fractional Black-Scholes Model viaAtangana-Baleanu derivative.
[52] New Optical Solutions of Conformable Resonant Schrödinger’s equation using the Atangana’s Conformable Derivative.
[51] Bright and singular optical solitons in nonlinear negative-index materials with quadratic-cubic nonlinearity.
[50] Lie analysis, conserved quantities and solitonic structures of Calogero-Degasperis-Fokas equation.
[49] Intrinsically parallel difference method for the partial-integro differential equations with weakly singular kernel.
[48] Optimal error estimates of nite di erence methods for the 2D Kuramoto-Tsuzuki equation.
[47] Directional total generalized variation (DTGV) and shearlet method for image reconstruction.
[46] A high order kernel smoothing model with Shearlet transform for Image restoration.
[45] Three dimensional MRI reconstruction via weighted di erence of isotropic-anisotropic TV method.
[44] Alternative directional method for weighted sum of anisotropic and isotropic TV image reconstruction.
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