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Journal Referee
Reviewer in the Journal: Research in veterinary sciences:

1-Different Strategies for Preventing and Controlling Classical Swine Fever

2-Detection of circoviruses and porcin adenoviruses in water samples collected from swine manure treatment systems.Research in Veterinary Sciences

3-Excretion of Florfenicol in Pigs and its Effect on Aquatic Ecosystems. 
Research in Veterinary Sciences

4-Comparison and phylogenetic analysis of the ISS gene in two predominant avian pathogenic E. coli serogroups isolated from avian colibacillosis in Iran. Research in Veterinary Sciences

5-Automated and visual analysis of commercial urinary dipsticks in dogs, cats and cattle.Research in Veterinary Sciences

6-Serum haptoglobin dynamics in porcine circovirus type 2 vaccinated and non-vaccinated piglets. Research in Veterinary Sciences

7-Development and evaluation of an IS711-based loop mediated isothermal amplification method (LAMP) for detection of Brucella spp. on clinical samples. Research in Veterinary Sciences

8-Assessment of cow and farm level risk factors associated with Ureaplasma diversum in pasture-based dairy systems - a field study. Research in Veterinary Sciences

9-In vitro sensitivity of the frog pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis to antifungal therapeutics. Research in Veterinary Sciences 

10-Evolution of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus GP5 and GP3 genes under swIFN-β immune pressure and interferon regulatory factor-3 activation suppressed by GP5. 
Research in Veterinary Sciences

11-(+)-Catechin Inhibition of Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus in Swine Testicular Cells is Involved its Antioxidation. Research in Veterinary Sciences

12- Construction and characterization of a full-length infectious cDNA clone of foot-and-mouth disease virus strain O/JPN/2010 isolated in Japan in 2010. Research in Veterinary Sciences

13- Experimental infection with bovine ephemeral fever virus and analysis of its antibody response cattle. Research in Veterinary Sciences

14-1- Kinetics of alkaline protease production by Streptomyces griseoflavus PTCC1130. Iranian Journal of Microbiology

15- The Prevalence of Siderophore Virulence Factors in Clinical and Environmental Klebsiella pneumoniae. Iranian Journal of Microbiology

An observational study of ewe treatments at lambing on early infection in lambs on UK sheep farms. Veterinary Parasitology

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