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Members of Academic Board - Fatemeh Sadeghi

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Research interests
  • Applications of material science and nanotechnology in engineering and medicine
  • Nanomechanics: Nonlinear vibration, pull-in behavior of MEMs and NEMs
  • Mathematical modelling of Van der Waals interactions between nano-materials (carbon nanotubes, graphene sheets, fullerenes, nanocones, nanotori, lipid and peptide nanotubes, bundles, Aquaporins,…) using continuum mechanics
  • Continuum modeling of molecular interactions arising in nanobiotechnology
  • Continuum modelling of high-frequency nanomechanical oscillators
  • Modeling nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems
  • Modelling adsorption of DNA & RNA into nano-pores
  • Modelling gas storage in molecular nanosystems
  • Predicting properties of nanomaterials using analytical techniques
  • Mathematical modelling of nanostructures and geometric issues of nanostructers
  • Continuum models for joining of nanostructures
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