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Theses supervised
  1. Mr. Bahman Monjezi "Enzymatic biodiesel production from residual oils extracted from spent bleaching earth"
  2. Mrs. Limoo Saleh Nezhad "Investigation and comparison the effects of nanoparticles, thickener and starch-functionalized with nanoparticles on the rheological properties, thermal and electrical conductivity in a drilling mud"
  3. Negin Mahmoodi "Fabrication of superadsorbent nano-composites to reduce some pollutants from aqueous solutions"
  1. Mrs. Sahar Khishkar "Fabrication of the starch-based nanobiocomposite films for controlled released applications"
  2. Mr. Hossein Khorrami "Modeling of propylene production by catalytic dehydrogenation using artificial neural networks"
  3. Mr. Mohsen Hajivand 
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