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طرح‌های تحقیقاتی
  1. Study of wheat Fusarium Head Blight and identification of caused agent species in Moghan area (Manager of Research). Finished
  2. An Investigation on Mycoflora of Hazelnut Leaves of Fandoghloo Forest of Ardabil (Manager of Research). Finished
  3. Study of mycotoxins produced by Fusarium isolates, the causal agent of FHB in Moghan region (Manager of Research). Finished
  4. Evaluation of resistance to isolates of Septoria tritici cause of septoria leaf blotch in some cultivars of wheat in Moghan area (Manager of Research). Finished
  5. An in vitro study on biological potantion of some Iranian isolates of Trichoderma in control of some soilborne plant pathogenic fungi (Colleague). Finished
  6. Investigation of pesticide and chemical materials residue in potato and tomato in Ardabil province (Colleague). Finished
  7. Study of effects of plastic Mulchs and Planting methods in Tomato growing (Colleague). Finished.
  8. Investigation of control methods of some weeds in wheat and legominosa farms in Germi, Bilesovar and khalkhal areas (Colleague). Finished
  9. Identification of fungi associated and pathogenic species with foot and root of wheat in Moghan area (Colleague). Finished.
  10. Investigation of effective ecological agents in evidence and development of potato late blight in Ardabil field (Colleague). Finished.
  11. The effect of Trichoderma isolates on some of the wheat growth parameters (Colleague). Finished.
  12. Evaluation of inhibithing effect of extracts of Prango spabularia and Malva sylvestris on some phytopathogenic fungi (Colleague). Finished.
  13. Biodiversity of Erysiphaceae (Ascomycota: Erysiphales) causal agent of powdery mildew in Ardabil (Manager of Research). Finished.
  14. Study of causal agent of Accacia dying and decline in Ardabil city (Manager of Research). Finished.
  15. Evolution of antifungal effects of essential oils from medicinal plants and two Trichoderma species against eight phytopathogenic fungi (Manager of Research). Finished.
  16. Effect of essential oils from six medicinal plants and entomopathogenic fungus, Lecanicillium muscarium (Zare& Gams), against cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover (Homoptera: Aphididae) (Colleague). Finished.
  17. Preparation and evalution of antifungal effects of a nanocomposite on three phytopathogenic fungi (Colleague). Finished.
  18. Modeling and optimization of insecticidal and fungicidal effetcs of Thymus vulgaris L. and Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. & Hohen. essential oils using response surface methodology (Colleague). Finished.
  19. Preliminary assessment of Ardabil province's investment capacity in the agriculture (Colleague). Finished.
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