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Members of Academic Board - Majid Raoof

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Theses supervised
M. Sc. and Ph. D. Supervisor & Advisor
No. Full Name Of Student Level Title of Thesis Supervisor/
1 Zeynab Akbari Baseri M. Sc. Simultaneous Modeling of Soil Water Flow and Root Water Uptake in Lysimeter Supervisor
2 Farhad Ebrahimi M. Sc. Study of Land use Change on Infiltration and Soil Properties Supervisor
3 Ziba Sedaie Azar M. Sc. Effect of Land use on Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties Supervisor
4 Habibeh asadzadeh M. Sc. Evaluation of Water use Efficiency in Modern Irrigation systems of Ardabil Plain (Pressurized and Hydro flume Systems) Supervisor
5 Fardin Nazari Giglo M. Sc. Technical Evaluation of Pressurized systems (Case study: unit 5 and 6 of Moghan Agro – Industry and husbandry) Supervisor
6 Mahdyeh Tavakoli
M. Sc. Assessment effect of watershed management on flood hydrograph and maximum flood flow(Case study: Atashgah basin, Ardabil) Supervisor
7 Armin Abedi M. Sc. Yamchi Dam Effects on water balance equation parameters in Balykhluchay basin using SWAT model Supervisor
8 Behnam Azadmard Ph. D. Spatial variability of soil  hydraulic properties in Moghan Agro – Industry and husbandry Advisor
9 Sajjad Mirzayi M. Sc. Simulation of flood hydrograph and peak flow of Atashgah basin according to GIS approach Supervisor
10 Yaser Talebi M. Sc. Effect of land use change on near saturation hydraulic properties (Case study: Ardabil and Zanjan Provinces) Advisor
11 Sara Abdol-hosein zadeh M. Sc. Effect of recreational activities on physical and hydraulic properties (Case study: forest land of Fandoghloo) Advisor

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