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Published articles
Journal Papers
N0. Title Journal Year Authors
1 Perception of paddy farmers towards sustainable agricultural technologies: case of Haraz catchment area in Mazandaran province of Iran American J. of Applied Sciences 2008 Asghar Bagher, HS.Fami, A. Rezvanfar, A. Asadi, S. yazdani
2 Potato growers' knowledge of sustainability in Ardabil region of Iran Spanish J. of Rural Development 2011 Asghar Bagher, HS.Fami, M. Razaghi ا
3 Comparative analysis of characteristics of adopters and non-adopters of artificial insemination in Ardabil Province of Iran Emir. J. Food Agric 2011 Masoud Rezaei, A. Bagheri
4 Factors affecting dairy farming technology adoption: a case in Ardabil province- Iran Journal of Extension Systems 2011 Asghar Bagheri
5 Adoption and non- adoption of sprinkler irrigation technology in Ardabil province African j. of Agric. research 2011 Asghar Bagheri, A. Ghorbani
6 Potato farmers’ perceptions of sustainable agriculture: the case of Ardabil province of Iran Procedia, Social and behavioral sciences 2010 Asghar Bagheri
7 Attitudes of Extension experts of Ardabil Province towards Mobile Communication in Extension Education Anthesis Journal of Agric. Sciences 2013 Ali Shirdel, O. Ghafari, A. Bagheri
8 Farmers  willingness to participate in land consolidation: a case in Ardabil county  of Iran J..of EGE univ. faculty of Agriculture 2013 Ali Shirdel, O. Ghafari, A. Bagheri
9 Investigating barriers to land consolidation in Ardabil county of Iran J..of EGE univ. faculty of Agriculture 2013 Ali Shirdel, O. Ghafari, A. Asgaripour, A. Bagheri
10 Potato Growers' Risk Perception: A Case in Ardabil Province of Iran" JAST 2016 Bagheri, H. Shabanali-Fami
11 Factors Affecting Adoption of
Mini-Tuber Seed Potato in Ardabil Province of Iran
IJAMAD 2016 AsgharBagheri
12 Interpretation of biological control adoption of the rice stem borer …. Egyptian j. of biological pest control 2016 Asghar Bagheri, MS. Allahyari, D. Ashouri
13 An examination of soil and water conservation practices in the paddy fields of Guilan province, Iran Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences
2016 D. Ashoori, Asghar Bagheri, MS. Allahyari, AS. Al-Ri mawi
14 Understanding the attitudes and practices of paddy farmers for enhancing soil and water conservation in Northern Iran Intl. Soil and Water Conservation Research 2016 D. Ashoori, Asghar Bagheri, MS.Allahyari, A.Michailidis
15 Potato growers seed potato management in Freydonshar county, Iran IJAMAD 2018 Asghar Bagheri, M. Sookhtanloo
16 Pesticide waste disposal among farmers of Moghan region of Iran: current trends and determinants of behavior Environ Monit Assess 2018 Bondori, Bagheri, A., Allahyari, MS, Damalas, Ch..A.
17 Pesticide handling, pesticide health risk, and determinants of safety behavior among Iranian apple farmers Human and ecological risk assessment 2018 Bagheri, A., Emami, N., Allahyari, MS, Damalas, Ch..A.
18 Modeling cereal farmers’ intended and actual adoption of integrated crop

management (ICM) practices
Journal of Rural Studies 2019 Asghar Bagheri, Bondori, Damalas
19 Modeling farmers’ intention to use pesticides: An expanded version of the

theory of planned behavior
Journal of Environmental Management 2019 Asghar Bagheri Bondori, Allahyari, Damalas
20 Farmers’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of pesticide use in apple
farms of northern Iran: impact on safety behavior
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2019 Asghar Bagheri, N. Emami, CA. Damalas, MS. Allahyari
21 Adoption Determinants of Modern Rice Cultivars among Smallholders of Northern Iran Agriculture 2019 Dariush Ashoori, D.,  Allahyari, MS., Bagheri, A., Damalas, CA.
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