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Members of Academic Board - Ezzatollah Askari Asli-Ardeh

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Theses advised
Thesis (supervisor & consultant) 1. Determination of the dynamic friction coefficient of grain on different contact surfaces. 2. Fabrication and Evaluation of an axial flow threshing unit in accordance with IRR design. 3. Determination of the requirement power and volumetric capacity of a screw conveyor at experiment with several varieties of wheat and comparison of actual results with the results of Boyd and Rekagler model. 4. Determination of some physical and mechanical properties of common red bean varieties in Iran. 5. Determination of some physical and mechanical properties of mung bean seeds. 6. Investigation of the separation efficiency of a sieving unit in test several rice grain varieties. 7. Investigation of required draft force of tiller two-way plow. 8. Investigation of the head rice yield of some common varieties of rice in Guilan Province. 9. Study of compressive forces exerted by the grain mass on contact surface in tests with several common rice varieties. 10. Investigation of effective parameters on the threshing losses and waste in the experimental with some wheat varieties. 11. Study of pressure drop due to grain mass resistance against the air flow in a full bin of rice paddy. 12. Determination the terminal velocity and some physical properties of strategic cereals. 13. Determination the effect of humidity, speed of loading and size on some physical and mechanical properties of barley grain. 14. Investigation and comparison of threshing losses and waste in harvesting with several Chinese combines. 15. Non-destructive Evaluation of apple fruit firmness by impact techniques.1 16. Test and evaluation of an axial flow threshing unit at test with some paddy varieties. 17. The design and construction of complete potato harvesting machine. 18. Measurement of the normal and shear resistant stress to common rice varieties. 19. Design and construction of a triaxial dynamometer to measure forces and moments exerted on the tillage implements in field conditions. 20. Determination of some physical and mechanical properties of corn, 21. Measurement dynamic load and wheel slip of MF-285 tractor and optimized selection of dynamic load equation. 22. The effect of some external factors on adhesive and external friction coefficients under laboratory conditions. 23. Prediction of the draft force of a subsoiler with curved arm using artificial neural network. 24. Determination of the threshing force of three rice varieties under dynamic conditions. 25. Investigation the threshing quality in the conventional combines with attention to clearance of drum and concave and fan speed. 26. Test and evaluation a single plant thresher (AlmacoSPR-SEX). 27. Determination of walnut kernel properties in one of Iranian variety and possibility of distinguish of defective grain by machine vision. 28. The effect of moisture content, loading time and rotational speed on rice grain breakage capable by optimized impact testing machine. 29. Design and construction of vertical wind tunnels and to measuring terminal velocity of two Iranian common lentil varieties. 30. The effect of some factors affecting the dynamic friction coefficient of rice grain. 31. The mechanical properties of paddy rice (bending and impact test) under different drying temperatures. 32. Design, fabrication and evaluation of a behind tractor cone penetrometer quipped with multiple penetration bars.
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