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Members of Academic Board - Ezzatollah Askari Asli-Ardeh

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Research projects
Research Reports
1. Effect investigation of drum speed on losses and waste of common rice varieties.
2. Conversion of a common rice thresher to an axial flow thresher and its performance evaluation.
3. Investigation of effective parameters on threshing losses, damaged grain percent grains and MOG/G ratio at rice auto head feed thresher.
4. Investigation of effective factors on requirement power and volumetric efficiency of one screw conveyor at conveying of paddy rice grain.
5. The study of physical and mechanical properties of common rive and wheat varieties.
6. Investigation and comparison of grain waste obtained from paddy drying in bin different points of common dryer.
7. Compression of physical properties of some common rice varieties in different forms.
8. Investigation of normal force exerted on contact surfaces by grain mass at experiments with some common wheat grain varieties
9. Investigation of modified thresher (model T30) performance at test with common three wheat varietirs.
11. Thermodynamic study of Rankin organic power generation system using linear solar and nanofluid concentrator
12. The Study of  grain flow rate in orifices
13. Investigation of grain flow rate of a common barley Varieties in two square and circular orifices
14 .Determine some engineering properties of chickpeas 
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