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Published articles

1. "Voltammetric Determination of Copper Ion in Water Samples using a Drop Casted Biopolymer", Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry researchAccepted2019. *
2."Excellent photocatalytic reduction of nitroarenes to aminoarenes by BiVO4 nanoparticles grafted on reduced graphene oxide (rGO/ BiVO4)", Applied Organometalic Chemistry201933e5059.
3."Manganese ferrite nanoparticles modified by Mo(VI) complex: highly efficient catalyst for sulfides and olefins oxidation under solvent-less condition", Chemistry Select, 420197116-7122.
4. "Carbon-based quantum particles: an electrochemical and biomedical perspective"Chemical Society Reviews, 201948, 4281-4316 *
6."Adsorption and Voltammetric Determination of Gallic Acid at the Surface of Alginate/Aminated Carbon Nanoparticles bilayer in Some Herbs", Applied Chemistry2019. *
7. "Pre-Adsorbed Methylene blue at Carbon-Modified TiO2 Electrode: Application for Lead Sensing in Water" IEEE Sensors, 18, 20189477 - 9485. *
8. "Solution Processable Cu(II)macrocycle for the Formation of Cu2O Thin Film on Indium Tin Oxide and Its Application for Water Oxidation", Journal of Physical Chemistry C (ACS), 122, 2018, 16510-16518. *
9. "Electrochemical methodologies for the detection of pathogens"ACS Sensors, 2018, 3. 1069-1086. *
10. "Amino functionalized ATRP-prepared polyacrylamide-g-magnetite nanoparticles for the effective removal of Cu(II) ions: Kinetics investigations", 205, Material chemistry and physics2018195-205.
11. "Magnetically Reusable MnFe2O4 Nanoparticles Modified with Oxo‐Peroxo Mo (VI) Schiff‐Base Complexes: A High Efficiency Catalyst for Olefin Epoxidation under Solvent‐Free Conditions", ChemistrySelect, 2018, 3, 2877.
12. "Synthesis, characterization, Crystal structure Electrochemical Solvatochromic and Biological investigation of Novel N4 and N3 type Cu(II) Schiff base complexes", New journal of chemistry201741, 12554-12561 .
13. "Voltammetric Chloride Sensing Based on Trace-Level Mercury Impregnation into Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanoparticle Film", IEEE Sensors, 17, 2017, 5437 - 5443. *
15. "Covalent supporting of novel dioxo-molybdenum tetradentate pyrrole-imine complex on Fe3O4 as high-efficiency nanocatalyst for selective epoxidation of olefins", Applied Organometallic Chemistry2017Accepted.
16. "Palladium Nanoparticles in Electrochemical Sensing of Trace Terazosin in Human Serum and Pharmaceutical Preparations", Material Science and Engineering C, 75, 2017368-374. *
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20. "Positively Charge Carbon Nanoparticulate/Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Bilayer for Extraction and Voltammetric Determination of Ciprofloxacin in Real Samples", 6, RSC Advances2016, 30867. *
21. "Poly-dopamine Films: Voltammetric Sensor for pH Monitoring", Sensors and Actuators B, 228, 2016, 53. *
22. "Adsorption of Amlodipine at the Surface of Tosyl-Carbon Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Sensing", Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 201615, 303-311.*
23. "Interfacial Electron Shuttling Processes at Kolliphor®EL Monolayer Grafted Electrodes", ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7, 201515458.
24. "Poly-dopamine Thin Film for Voltammetric Sensing of Atenolol", Sensors and Actuators B, 216, 2015, 551.
25. "Facile Synthesis of Silver Nanostructures by using Various Deposition Potential and Time: A Nonenzymetic Sensor for Hydrogen Peroxide", Material Chemistry and Physics, 155, 2015, 129.
26. "The effect of post-annealing treatment on the wetting, optical and structural properties of Ag/ITO thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation technique", Materials Express, 5, 2015137.
27. "Tosyl surface carbon nanoparticles at the surface of glassy carbon electrode: Simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid and uric acid", Material Science and Engineering C, 47, 2015189.
28. "Hydrophilic Carbon Nanoparticulates at the surface of Carbon Paste Electrode Improve Determination of Paracetamol, Phenylephrine and Dextromethorphan", Journal of electroanalytical chemistry, 735, 2014, 10.
29. "Cysteine-anchored receptor on carbon nanoparticles for dopamine sensing", Electrochimica Acta, 123, 2014, 362.
30. "Alizarin-Modified Sulfonate Carbon Nanoparticles in Vanadium Sensing", Solid state Electrochemistry, 18, 2014, 1005.
31. "Nickel (II) incorporated AlPO-5 modified carbon paste electrode for determination of thioridazine in human serum", Material Science and Engineering C, 37, 2014, 342.
32. "Extraction and voltammetric determination of phenylephrine by using functionalized carbon nanoparticles, Journal of Applied Chemistry, 26, 201393.
33. "Dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic droplet followed by spectrofluorimetry for determination of carvedilol in human plasma", Bioanalysis 5, 2013, 437.
34. "Cobalt flower like nanostructure as modifier for voltammetric determination of chloropheniramine", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS), 51, 2012, 14317.
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36. "Carbon Nanoparticle – Chitosan Composite Electrode with Anion, Cation, and Neutral Binding Sites: Dihydroxybenzene Selectivity ", Mandana Amiri, Shahnaz Ghaffari, Abolfazl BezaatpourFrank Marken, Sensors and Actuators B, 162, 2012,194.
37. "Simultaneous voltammetric determination of uric acid and ascorbic acid using carbon paste/cobalt Schiff base composite electrode", Mandana Amiri, Abolfazl Bezaatpour, Zohreh PakdelKhadijeh Nekoueian, Journal of solid state electrochemistry2012,16, 2178.
38. "Voltammetric determination of acetaminophen by using carbon paste electrode modified by hierarchically structured cobalt", Journal of Applied Chemistry, 22, 2012, 9-18.
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40. "Nanoparticles in electrochemical sensors for environmental monitoring: A review", Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 3020111704.
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42. "Synthesis, characterization and Immobilization of Nickel(II) tetradentate Schiff base complexes on clay as heterogeneous catalysts for oxidation of Cyclooctene", Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 6420111837.
43. "Effect of Annealing Temperature on Growth of Ce-ZnO Nanocomposite Thin Films: XPS study", Thin solid films, 520, 2011, 721.
44. "Enhanced Photoelectrochemical property of Ce doped ZnO nanocomposite thin films", Journal of electroanalytical chemistry, 6612011, 106.
45. "Visible photoenhanced current–voltage characteristics of Au:TiO2 nanocomposite thin films as photoanodes"J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 432010, 105405.
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52."Mercaptotriazole as a nucleophile in addition to o- quinine electrochemically derived from catechol: application to electrosynthesis of a new group of triazol compounds", Electrochemistry communications, 7, 2005, 68-73.

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