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Members of Academic Board - Mandana Amiri

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Educational records
  •   2007-2009, Post-Doc. of Nanotechnology , Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

  Research subject: Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by using metal oxide photoanodes and Investigation of photocatalytic activity of metal oxides for water detoxification .


  •   2003-07, Ph. D. of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran,under supervision: Prof. Saeed Shahrokhian.

 Thesis subject: Nucleophilic addition of thiols and amines to electrochemically produced quinones: Application to electrosynthesis and voltammetric detection and Fabrication of chemically modified electrodes by using carbon nanostrauctures: Application to voltammetric determination of some biological and pharmaceutical compounds.


  •   2000-02,Master of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran,Iran,under supervision: Prof. Mehdi Jalali-Heravi.

 Thesis subject:  Chemometrics modeling of inhibitory effect of Chalcon derivatives on Aldose reductase enzyme by using ANN and MLR

  •   1995-99, Bachelor of Pure Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran
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