Members of Academic Board - Akbar Rostampour Haftkhani

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Published books
1- Hamzeh. Yahya, Rostampour Haftkhani. Akbar,  principles of papermaking chemistry, 2008, University Of Tehran Press, (compose)
 ISBN 978-964-03-5853-5 
2- Ebrahimi. Ghanbar, Rostampour Haftkhani. Akabr, Wood-Plastic Composites, University Of Tehran Press, 2010 (translation). written by Anatole, A.Klyosov, Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey. 
3- Ebrahimi. Ghanbar., Rostampour Haftkhani. Akabr.TaheriFatemeh., Karimi, Ali Naghi., wood: structure and properties, University Of Tehran Press, 2014 (translation). written by Pentti O. Kettunen, Published by Trans Tech Publications, Ltd. 
ISBN: 978-964-03-6698-1
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