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Theses supervised
  1.   K. Safari Shiran, Fusion frames and distributed processing, defence date September 2010.
  2. A. Irani Lahroudlou, Minimizing fusion frame potential, defence date June 2011.
  3. S. Abdollahnajad, Stability of g-frames and excess of a class of them, defence date July 2011.
  4. K. Ebadi, q-Bessalian frames in Banach spaces, defence date  August  2011. 
  5. F. Fouladi, Sums of Hilbert space frames and their expansion to tight frames, defence date July 2011.
  6. S. Mohammadbagherzadeh, (P,Y)-Operator frames and stability of Banach frames in Banach Spaces, defence date September 2012.
  7. P. Nazari, Bessel fusion multipliers and robustness of fusion frames under erasures of subspaces and of local frame vectors, defence date September 2012.
  8. Z. Jahangiri, g-frame sequences and g-Besselian frames in Hilbert spaces, defence date September 2012.
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