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مقالات ارایه شده
 Conference papers:
1) Distributive modules and prime divisors, AIMC Zanjan, Iran 3-6 Sept.2007.
2) Regularity of the Rees and the associated graded modules, AIMC Kerman, Iran, 24-27 Aug.2008.
3) Characterization of Graded distributive modules, 2008, Lahaijan.
4) (With M. Madani) Generalized L’Hopital’s rule, monotony of functions and constancy intervals, AIMC Kerman, Iran, 24-27 Aug.2008.
5) I-tame modules and local cohomology, International conference on ring and module, Ankara, Turkey. 18-22 Aug. 2008.
6) Prime sub-modules of multiplication modules and Cohen-Macaulay   property, Int. Con. Math. Sci. Istanbul Turkey 4-10 Aug. 2009.
7) Reduction number of an ideal relative to a Noetherian module, AIMC Sharif university of Technology 2-5 Sept. 2009.
8) Rees modules, end of associated graded modules and reduction number, 20-th Algebra Seminar, Tarbiat Moallem Uni. 22-23 Apr.2009. 
9) Some characterization results in multiplication modules, ICM 2010, Hyderabad, India, 19-27 Aug. 2010.
10)  Asymptotic stability and regularity in GLC, 20 June 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.
12) Codes over Frobenios rings and modules, AIMC, 2012, Tabriz, Iran.
13) MSD codes over certain quotient rings, AIMC, 2012, Tabriz, Iran.
14) With M. Mehrdad, Ferdowsi Mashhad university, AIMC, 2012, Iran.
15) With M. Bagherzadeh, self-dual negacyclic codes over finite fields, AIMC, Semnan, Iran, 2014.
16) With M. Karimi, constacyclic codes over certain Galois rings, AIMC, Semnan, Iran, 2014.
17) With Z. Rezaei, negacyclic codes over Z 2m, AIMC, Semnan, Iran, 2014.
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