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مقالات ارایه شده
    • Conference and Seminar Presentations


Title of Presentation

Organizer / Place
2014 Jacobi Operational Matrix Approach for Solving Systems of Linear and Nonlinear Integro- Differential Equations.             2nd international Conference on Mathematical science.Istanbul.Turkey
August, 2012 General solution of Fisher equations by matrix
differential transformation method
Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference,27-30 August 2012
University of Tabriz.
December, 1997 Solving constrained nonlinear optimization problems with generalized Kahn-Tucker conditions International Conference on Nonlinear Modeling and Optimization,2012
 2008 NEW EFFICIENCY USING UNDESIRABLE INPUTS OF DEA The Second International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics”
September 10-12, 2008, Baku, Azerbaijan.
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