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Members of Academic Board - Reza Hassanzadeh

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Published articles

[1] Eslahchi, Habibi, Hassanzadeh, Mottaghi. MC-Net: a method for the construction of phylogenetic networks based on the Monte-Carlo method. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2010, 10:254. doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-254

[2] Eslahchi, Hassanzadeh, Mottaghi, Habibi. Constructing Circular Phylogenetic Networks from Weighted Quartets Using Simulated Annealing. Mathematical Biosciences, 2012, 235: 123–127.

[3] R.Hassanzadeh, C.Eslahchi and Wing-Kin Sung. Constructing phylogenetic supernetworks based on simulated annealing. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2012, 63(3): 738–744.

[4] R.Hassanzadeh, C.Eslahchi and Wing-Kin Sung. Do Triplets Have Enough Information to Construct the Multi-Labeled Phylogenetic Tree?. Plos One, 2014, 9(7):e103622.

[5] EM Mehrabad, R.Hassanzadeh, C Eslahchi. PMLPR: A novel method for predicting subcellular localization based on recommender systems. Scientific Reports, 2018, 8(1), p.12006.

A. Siabi-Garjan and R. Hassanzadeh, A Computational Approach for Engineering Optical Properties of Multilayer Thin Film; Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Bruggeman Homogenization Formalism, The European Physical Journal Plus, 2018, 133:419.

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