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Published articles

A) scientific papers - Research: 1. Vakil Abad village residents' views about the benefits of tourism for the local population, geography planning Journal of Environmental Planning (4) Winter University 2010; 2. The challenges facing the development of rural industries in Ardabil province, Journal of 2010 No. 129 rural housing environment; 3. Evaluation of rural residents Jokandan view of the challenges of trying to flood risk management (case study Khoshkerood drainage basin), Journal of geographic Abgharmce Azad University Ahr No 34 summer 2011; 4. assess the views of the rural heritage tourists about the role of museums in the development of rural tourism (CASE STUDY Heritage Village Museum of Gilan, Islamic Azad University of Garmsar Journal of human Geographic No. 5 2010; 5. The effects of tourism activities on the environment of the village (Case Study: village Bela Daragh), Journal of Islamic Azad University of Garmsar new approaches in human geography (3) SUMMER 2011; 6. feasibility of developing rural tourism (CASE STUDY: Village Abgharm of the Sareyn in Ardabil province), Journal of Geography, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch No. 15 Winter 2010; 7. to identify potential natural and human tourism in rural areas (Case Study: Abgharm village in the province of Ardabil), Journal of Islamic Azad University branch of malayer geo-Abgharmtial tourism center No. 2 Spring 2012; 8. Iran's current situation and challenges facing rural management Case Study: Gargan Rod city Talesh, Quarterly geographical territory, scientific - research, Issue 32, Winter 2011; 9. The role of internal and external factors and forces in the process of physical transformation - rural area around the city of Ardabil, Journal - Research and International, geography, Issue 40, Spring 2014; 10.The Challenges of ICT Development in Rural Area Case study: Village Aleni ,Meshkin Shahr in Ardebil Province; Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 6(9): 674-682, 2012 ISSN 1991-8178 11. evaluation and rank the barriers to the development of tourism in the city Minoodasht Journal of urban tourism Tehran University number one 2015. B) scientific articles - promotional: 12. The role of tourism in the rural economy of Iran, Mashhad University of Geographical Science 2006 (3); 13. ways to improve the department of crisis management in rural areas, housing and Revolution magazine No. 125 of 2009; 14. The role of tourism in sustainable rural development, geographic Journal of Mashhad Azad University, No. 4, 2008; 15. Factors Affecting the Iranian hand-woven carpets in Ardabil Carpet from a business perspective, Journal of promotional business review 46 April and May 2011; 16. The role of tourism investment in the sustainability of rural settlement, village, country Shemshak study, Journal of Ecology Number One autumn 2013; C) Papers presented at international conferences 17. Pathology of rural development planning process in Iran, the fifth International Conference of the Islamic World Geographers time: 19-18 Mehr 2012; 18. Museum of Rural Heritage status in reviving the rural identity in Iran (Case study: Gilan Rural Heritage Museum), the first international Conference role in the formation of national identity and cultural heritage, Islamic Azad University (Shiraz, kazeron, Marvdasht) 15 16 sep 2012; 19. Effects ecological tourism on sustainable urban development, the city Sareyn, Third International Conference on Environmental Planning and Management 7 and 8 Aban 2013 Tehran University. 20. Identify the factors affecting the promotion of rural tourism (the case of Alvarez and village in the district bela Daragh Abgharm city Sareyn), an international conference on sustainable development challenges and solutions with an emphasis on natural resources, environment, agriculture and tourism, from 6 to 8 March 2014 Tabriz Islamic Art University. 21. Environmental impact assessment of rural tourism from the perspective of tourists and the local community (the case of villages and Bela Daragh& Alvares city Sareyn) Second International Conference on Rural Development, 29 and 30 Persian date jan 2014 Mashhad. 22. Challenge of crisis management in rural areas, with an emphasis on public participation, the International Conference of Civil, Architectural and urban infrastructure, 7 and 8 Tabriz Persian date jul 2015. D) Papers presented at national conferences 23. Effects of climate change on the agricultural lands in Ardabil city with emphasis on the potato crop, the second National Conference on World Environment Day conference on bio-operator environment Faculty of Tehran University in 2008; 24. Geopark new concept of utilization and management of land resources, National Conference and geographical approaches in the utilization of conference resources -Astara Islamic Azad University, Astara in 2009; 25. The rural development strategies in the rural atmosphere of the first student congress Nov. 2008, Administrative Conference of the Institute of Geography, Geography Faculty at Tehran University; 26. Role of public participation in the management of the crisis caused by the floods in the city, the first national conference on urban flood management Tehran Persian date jul 2010; 27. The challenges facing rural ICT development in Iran, the third conference on information and communication technology services in rural areas 28 and 29 December 2011 Tehran; 28. The challenges of rural tourism development in Iran, the first conference of geography and rural development planning Ferdosi University of Mashhad Persian date mar 2011, 29. assess the ecological zoning for ecotourism using GIS (Case study: Gilan), the Fourth National Congress on May 2012. Administrative Conference of the Institute of Geography, Faculty of Geography geography students at Tehran University; 30. The challenges facing rural management in Iran, environmental management and planning Persian date Apr 2012 Conference, Tehran University Faculty of Environmental enforcement; 31. Obstacles and constraints facing rural areas of crisis management, environmental management and planning Persian date Apr 2012 Conference, Tehran University Faculty of Environmental enforcement; 32. aquifer vulnerability mapping Garbayegan against pollution using the DRASTIC and GODS in GIS, the sixth national conference on bio-host World Environment Day Conference Faculty of Environment Tehran University in 2012; 33. Participation in a management position and Rural Development Case Study: bagh behzad Lordeghan city, National Conference on Rural Development, University of Guilan, Rasht, 14 and 15 sep 2012; 34. Studythe role of service quality in tourism economy (Case study: Village Abgharm city Sareyn), National Conference on Tourism and Sustainable Development of reliance on oil revenues, tourism Institute of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, Tehran 9 October 2012; 35. new rural management strategy to implement crisis management in rural areas, the National Conference Planning pathology earthquake of 21 August in East Azerbaijan Province Tabriz 11 and 12 January 2012 PNU and Harris; 36. conducting environmental consequences of the project (case study: North Ardebil), the tenth National Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment, University Shahid Beheshti 2 and 3 feb 2012; 37. Study legal aspects of the operation of the agricultural land in the rural communities of Iran, the sixth national conference on the prospects for sustainable rural development in developing countries, jan 2014, Geography and Rural Planning Association of Tehran University. 38. Comprehensive Assessment Relocation capital with an emphasis on international experience, the National Conference on Decentralization, Regulatory Capital, 4 and 5 Winter 2014 geopolitical pole Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran. 39. views of the local community about the effects of socio - cultural rural tourism (the case of Alvares and village in the district Bela Daragh Abgharm city Sareyn), the first National Conference on Geography, tourism, natural resources and sustainable development Tehran, jan 2014 30. 40.study model of sustainable rural development with an emphasis on urban-rural linkages, the Twelfth Congress of the Geographical Society of Iran, Iranian model of Islamic land use development, feb 2014 Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad. 41.Assessment risk of drought using the Standardized Precipitation Index (Case Study: Golestan Province), the third national conference of geomorphology and land crisis jun 2015. 42. Evaluation and zoning for ecotourism using the natural parameters and fuzzy logic model (case study city NIR) developed the first meeting of land and urban development Tabriz 7 may 2015. 43. the impact of tourism on the development of rural areas, the first Conference of Architecture Iran, Shiraz, may 2015. E) The papers presented at the regional conference 44. The difference in sustainable agriculture and organic farming provinces of North West Development Conference PNU Meshkinshar Persian date oct 2011; 45. Analysis of VA's role in rural development, with emphasis on the agricultural sector Bilesuar (Case Study Gogh Tapeh village), Agriculture and Rural Development Conference PNU Piran 2012; 46. Factors affecting the increasing tendency of people and the development of tourism in rural areas (Case Study: Rural Armand city functions LORDEGAN) Agriculture and Rural Development Conference PNU Piran feb 2012; 47. The regional network strategy, an integrated approach to planning and development of rural - urban in Iran, agricultural and rural development conference PNU Piran feb 2012; 48. investigate the role in relation to the preparation and implementation of the rural areas, rural regional conference on sustainable development (with emphasis on the area of the Moghan Ghermi), PNU warmly, 15 and 16 October 2014; 49.study and explain the effects of the implementation of the rural areas in Iran: Conference on sustainable rural development (with emphasis on the area of the Moghan Ghermi); PNU warmly, 15 and 16 October 2014;

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