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Members of Academic Board - bahram imani

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Awards & honors
 1. Second place in the competition of students' teaching skills teacher training centers across the country, Mashhad in 2002; 2. Second place in the competition of students' scientific tests teacher training centers across the country, Mashhad in 2002; 3. Rank nineteen graduate entrance examination in 2007; 4.rtbh university graduate first test in 2007; 5. researcher of University Teachers (teacher training centers of Ardebil) during 1389, 2011.2012; 6. ranked teacher in Ardabil province in 2012; 7. the title of top student in geography at Tehran University professor and scientific award Doc Ghanji (the father of modern geography of Iran) 2012; 8. the title of top researcher Department of Education Ardabil province in 2012; 9. the title of top research executive Ardabil province in 2012; 10. The title of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran student 2012.2013; 11. Winning the second prize in the festival of electronic content Ardabil University Teachers (College of Allameh Tabatabai) in 2013; B) certificates issued by the following people: 1. doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji - the father of modern geography of Iran; 2. Minister of Education; 3. assistant director Minister of Education; 4. Department of Rural Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation headquarters country; 5. governor of Ardebil; 6. Ardabil province's police chief; 7. Director General of Ardabil Province Education; 8. The Director General of Education, West Azerbaijan Province; 9. Director General of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation Ardabil Province; 10. Director General of the Foundation martyr and Veterans Affairs Ardebil ; 11. The head of the elite foundation of Ardabil province; 12. The President of Iran Chamber of Ardabil province; 13. The President of the College of Allameh Tabatabai University of Ardebil educators;
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