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Full name Farhad Zolfagharpour
Last field of study Nuclear Physics
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1)  Quark exchange and valence quark distributions in A = 3 mirror nuclei, M. Modarres, F. Zolfagharpour, Nuclear Physics A 765 (2006) 112–125.

 2)  The effect of quark exchange in A = 3 mirror nuclei and neutron/proton structure functions ratio, M. Modarres, M. M. Yazdanpanah and F. Zolfagharpour ,  Eur. Phys. J. A 28 (2006) 205-211.

3)  Quark momentum-space charge distribution in deuteron and neutron/proton structure functions ratio, M. Modarres , M. M. Yazdanpanah and F. Zolfagharpour, Eur. Phys. J. A 32, 327–333 (2007) 327-333.

4)  Double lepton polarization in decay in the Standard Model with fourth generations scenario, F. Zolfagharpour, V. Bashiry, Nuclear Physics B 796 (2008) 294-319.

5)  The role of Fermi motion and quark exchange as a nuclear medium effect in the nuclear structure function of 3He, 3H nuclei and their EMC effects,  F. Zolfagharpour,   Few Body Syst 44 (2008) 175-178.

6)  Investigation of nuclear structure function and angular distribution of scattered leptons from 40Ca and 56Fe nuclei, M. Mosavi, M. Jedi Chorvadeh, F. Zolfagharpour, IJPR, 11(4) (2012) 417-422.

7)  Differential Cross Section of Electron Scattering From 3He and 3H Nuclei with Considering Pionic Contribution, Nazli Hamdolahi, Farhad Zolfagharpour, Negin Sattary Nikkhoo, World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology  2 (2012)150-153.

9)  Study of the EMC effect for 27Al, 56Fe, 63Cu, and 107Ag nuclei,  Negin Sattary Nikkhoo, Farhad Zolfagharpour, Journal of Modern Physics  3 (2012) 1830-1834.

10)  Lepton polarization and polarized CP asymmetries in inclusive decay in the fourth-generation standard model, V. Bashiry, F. Zolfagharpour, Chinese Journal of Physics 50 5 (2012) 732-748.

 11) Spectrum of Emitted Light from Sonoluminescence Bubbles, F. Zolfagharpour,  M. H. Razbin Khalilabad, N. Satari Nikkhoo,M. H. Mousavi and S. Hatampanah, Advances in Applied Physics 1 (2013) 93-103.

12) The role of pion cloud in the structure function and the EMC effect of 27Al, 56Fe, 63Cu and, 107Ag nuclei, Sara Hatampanah, Negin SattaryNikkhoo, Farhad Zolfagharpour,  American Journal of Modern Physics 2(4)  (2013) 190-194.

13) The Ultraviolet Cutoff and Water Temperature Dependence of the Sonoluminescence Bubble Spectrum, F. Zolfagharpour  F. Najafi Nezhad, Chinese Journal of Physics, 52 (2014) 1802- 1811.

14) Form factors and decay rate of Bc→ Ds l+l decays in the QCD sum rules, K. Zeynali, V. Bashiry and F. Zolfagharpour,  Eur. Phys. J. A 50 (2014) 127-140.

15) Nuclear Geological Study and the Examination of Possibility of Uranium Ore Existence Using Solid Alpha Detector in the Southern of Ardabil City, F. Zolfagharpour, M. Nikoosefat,A. B. Samani, Moeen Meftahi, Hassan Valinezhad, Parisa Taghipour, Journal of Current Research in Science 3 (2015) 64-70.

16) Measurement of backscattering of 0.662 MeV gamma from the various thickness of the lead, iron and aluminum shield, F. Zolfagharpour, P. Taghipour, S. Azimkhani, M. Nikoosefat, Journal of Radiation and Nuclear Technology 2 (2015) 15-22.

17) An over view of 124I production at a medical cyclotron by ALICE/ASH, EMPIRE-3.2.2 and TALYS-1.6 codes, Hamid Azizakram, MahdiSadeghi, ParvizAshtari, Farhad Zolfagharpour, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 112 (2016) 147–155.

18) Investigation of Pionic Contribution in the Lepton and Antilepton Production Cross Section in p-Cu and p-Pt Collision, R. Rostami and F. Zolfagharpour, Advances in High Energy Physics  (2016)  1402767.

19) Nuclear-state population transfer by a train of coincident pulses, B. Nedaee-Shakarab, M. Saadati-Niari, and F. Zolfagharpour, Physical Review C 94 (2016) 054601.

20) Investigation of pionic contribution in the Drell–Yan dilepton production cross section in p-Cu collision based on the shell and Fermi gas models, R. Rostami, F. Zolfagharpour, Chinese Journal of Physics  (2017) 1–9.

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