Chancellor's Message

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 In a complex world full of unique individuals and thousands of paths for each to take, it is incumbent upon decision makers to create conditions where finally a contribution to human dignity and decency is accomplished. Here we feel we should bring to life the University's important mission of inspiring and challenging every undergraduate and graduate student to a life of leadership and to endow them with a rich sense of humanity and a creative intellectual, equipping them with the ability of working independently, nationally and internationally to the cause.

Serving as educators, facilitators, and motivators, the University faculty members and staff nurture and challenge the spirit of our students and guide them on their journey to become discoverers and explorers, as well as curators and stewards of science and technology.

This is why I am proud and honoured to serve as the chancellor of this University. Building on the traditions begun by University’s founders, previous chancellors led the institution in a spiritual regeneration, guiding the University to new prominence in the higher education.

My academic and staff members and I are committed to preserving the University's traditions of academic excellence and steadfast faith to withstand a changing world. Likewise, I pledge to encourage our students and alumni to positively influence change in the world through making ethical decisions and living lives of integrity.

We have decided to apply methods of self-assessment, examination of labor market, survey of students and university personnel, on the basis of which we modernize and renew educational programs.

We have constant focus on developing curriculum and infrastructure maximally matching to the needs of the day and age. We are excited and enthusiastic to promote academic life at the cutting edge of knowledge. We are striving to impart knowledge to the society hopeful that this would play a vital role in bridging the technological gap. This would positively capitalize rich dividend of public admiration for effective role playing in educating the society.

The University of Mohaghegh Ardabili is open for foreign students. The flexible system at the university gives opportunity to everyone to choose appropriate educational program and broaden qualification in relevant fields of study.

The University also tries to expand its network of cooperation and exchanges with other universities and develop international contacts. I hope we can be a contribution to useful and creative personal, local, national, and international developments throughout our time. 


Dr. Goudarz Sadeghi         (for more information click here) 

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