Members of Academic Board - Yashar Azizian-Kalandaragh

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Research interests
- Designe and Fabrication of Solar cell and Thermoelectric Devices with high efficiency - Study on the Linear and Nonlinear Optical properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals with different Sizes and Morphologies - Faraday Effect in Semiconductors (Observtion of Faraday Rotation in Semiconductors- Quantum Faraday Effect) - Preparation of Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles in different matrixes and investigation of the effect of size on the optical, electrical and structural properties of the prepared materials - Theoretical investigation of the selection of type of boundary conditions in different quantum systems with different size, shape, structural and dielectric parameters - Nanophysics of Semiconductors- The Study of Transport of Charge Carriers in Low-dimensional Semiconductor System (Both Theory and Experiment) - Soft Condensed Matter (Wettability of Surfaces and Fluid Mechanics) - Fabrication of Thin Films - Nanotechnology, Photocatalytic activity and environmental Chemistry - Fabrication of Sensors and Detectors
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