Computer services office

Computer services office

- Development, deployment and support of Information and Communication Technology infrastructure.

- Monitoring the computer service activities related to communicating with internal and external computer networks.

- Management and Support internal network.

- Creating University databases and co-operation for optimal use of university computer centers.

- In collaboration with University departments to provide the requested data.

- Developing and maintaining software requirements of different domains.

- Performing the Information Network of national and international affairs.

- Support he web site of Mohageg Ardabili University.

- holding communicating between University and world wide web, and web server maintenance and support.

- Planning to buy a digital database and selection of needed resources in Latin for the university.

- Provide advice to schools about purchasing hardware and similar items.

- Supervise the preparation and provision of software used in different parts of the university.

- Design and implementation of embedded software and hardware courses.

- Performing E-learning standards.

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