Vice-Chancellor for Students, Social and Cultural Affairs

 | Post date: 2018/01/2 - 12:59 | 
The vice-chancellorship for Students, Social and Cultural Affairs is created in January 2016, by merging the two Vice-Chancellorship for Student Affairs and Vice-Chancellorship for Social and Cultural Affairs, the main responsibilities of which appear below separately.
The office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs provides leadership within division units to assist students in their academic and co-curricular pursuits at UMA. These units and activities support the academic mission of the University. The Vice-Chancellor has operational responsibility for the offices of different sections such as enrollment management, Health and Counseling Center, Food Services and Residential Housing.
The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs oversees the development of initiatives that best serve the entire university and the growth and development of students. He reports directly to the Chancellor and, as one of the senior administrative officers on the campus, makes significant contributions to overall policy development and campus management.
Through its core values and objectives, this office plays an integral role in supporting and advancing UMA’s strategic academic directions. Its integral plan emphasizes a commitment to enhancing the student.
This office provides comprehensive support services for high-quality student learning. Through a diverse set of programs and services, students are assisted in acquiring the knowledge and leadership skills required for success in the university as well as in developing insights that facilitate life-long learning, and a sense of personal and interpersonal competencies.
The office of Vice-Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs is delegated to create opportunities for students to promote relationship with other students, faculty members, and staff. Through organizing and supervising an array of social, cultural and religious events and activities, the office seeks to build a stronger community and helps students to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships, feel greater responsibility in developing the country and preserving the cultural heritage.
In sum, the Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the administration of cultural affairs and provision of rich entertainment and spiritual programs.